Chatime Ad [KDU College Students (Teh Tarik Productions) TV Ad Project]

This is part of our college's subject, Newswriting for Electronic Media, where we basically understand the concept of a filming and broadcasting and make into a huge project. We, Teh Tarik Productions(non-registered organisation), currently have in line, 3 short films, forming a trilogy known as the Musings Trilogy. And a few more TV ads and Pubic Service Announcements(PSA) lined up for you guys so stay tuned because hopefully with a few certain upgrades to our current hardware, we'll be able to present to you guys what kind fun filming and broadcasting can bring about to you. This ad was shot using two cameras at a mamak stall(Ali, Penang), KDU College and the residence of one of our group members(Matthew's Residence). This ad was made for Chatime to show that you can enjoy your Chatime, anytime, anywhere! Special Thanks To: Chatime Ali Mamak Directed by: Carmen Dianne Ngooi Idea by: Carmen Dianne Ngooi, Catarina Cheah Produced by: Selven Razz, Bashirul Khan & Jason Ong Make-Up & Costume by: Carmen Dianne Ngooi & Khoo Ying Shu Edited By: Adam Farid Ong, Catarina Cheah, Carmen Dianne Ngooi Music : The Dog Days Are Over - Florence + The Machine DISCLAIMER: This song does not belong to us. It was legally purchased on iTunes. We do not own any rights to this song whatsoever. The Chatime Logo used in this ad does not belong to us and belongs solely to the rightful owners of the logo, Chatime. This TV Advertisement was produced with the intentions of satisfying one of our requirements in our Final Project in the subject of Newswriting for Electronic Media, under the course of Diploma in Mass Communication as offered by KDU College, Penang. No copyright infringement was intended in the making of this TV Ad.