A moment with Dr. Cheryl Nicholas from Penn State Berk University, US.

Dr Cheryl is a former KDU ADP alumnus, and this was her second visit to KDU College. Meeting up with KDU ADP students during her visit, she also spoke on “Living and Studying in the USA”.

Dr Cheryl L. Nicholas is also an ethnographer who enjoys doing research in her homeland, Malaysia. Her research is based on how symbolic activity constitutes and is constituted by cultural worldviews and her work is grounded in language and social interaction, and critical perspectives. Her research has been published as chapters in edited books and as journal articles in journals such as Sexuality and Culture, Communication Quarterly, Storytelling, Self & Society, and Journal of International and Intercultural Communication.

Dr Cheryl teaches classes in intercultural communication, message evaluation, communication theory, nonverbal communication, and storytelling.