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At the most basic level, every child will be fully literate and numerate. Beyond this, it is important that students master core subjects such as Mathematics and Science and acquire a rounded general knowledge of Malaysia, Asia, and the world. Students will also be encouraged to develop their knowledge and skills in other areas such as arts, music, and sports.
 Bilingual Proficiency
Every child will be, at minimum, operationally proficient in the national language, Bahasa Malaysia, and the international language of communication, English. Upon leaving school, students should be able to work in environments that encompasses these languages. The Ministry will also encourage all students to learn an additional language.
Thinking Skill
Every child will learn how to continue acquiring knowledge throughout their lives, to be able to connect different pieces of knowledge, and to create a new knowledge. Every child will master a range of important cognitive skills including critical thinking, reasoning, creative thinking, and innovation. This is an area where the system has historically fallen short, with students being less able than they should be in applying knowledge and thinking critically outside familiar academic contexts.
 Ethics and Spirituality
The education system aims to instill strong ethics and spirituality within every child to prepare them for challenges that they will inevitably face as an adult. This includes strategies to resolve conflicts peacefully, to employ sound judgement and principles during critical moments, and to have the courage to do what is right. The education system also seeks to nurture caring individuals who contribute to the betterment of the community.
Leadership Skill
In our increasingly interconnected world, being able to lead and work effectively with others is critical. The education system will help each student reach their full potential by creating formal/informal opportunities for students to work in teams and take up leadership roles. In the context of the education system, leadership encompasses four dimensions: enterpreneurship, resilience, emotional intellegence, and strong communication skills.
 National Identity
An unshakeable sense of national identity, tied to the principles of Rukun Negara, is necessary for Malaysia’s success and future. Every child will proudly indentify as a Malaysian, irrespective of ethnicity, religion or socio-economic status. Achieving this patriotism requires that every child understands the country's history and shares common aspirations for the future. Establishing a true national identity also requires a strong sense of inclusiveness, which can be achieved through the understanding and embracing of diversity.
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Aim to support and facilitate KDU graduates to develop their skills, abilities, and passions in building life long careers.

Key Events:
  • Career Enhancement Series
  • Selangor Internship & Career Market Day
  • Tea Time with CEO
  • KDU Industry Visit

The amalgamation of the word ‘Fit’ and ‘Inspiration’ is one of our initiatives to inspire fitness into students’ daily life. Aims to cultivate physically and mentally healthy lifestyle in students.
Key Events:
  • KDU Fitspiration Day (In Conjunction with National Sports Day)
  • KDU Fitspiration Tournament
  • Athletes’ Pro Talk
  • Mental Health Series

Aims to encourage students to embrace their own cultural ideologies, values and understand how their own culture may influence other culture.
Key Events:
  • KDU Culturation Youth Exchange
  • Road to 60’s: I’m Malaysian (In Conjunction with Malaysia Independence Day) 
  • Cultural Workshops
  • Cultural Infographic

Aims to facilitate graduates in learning to develop entrepreneurial skills, by supporting creativity, self generated ideas and efforts in building their own business or services.
Key Events:
  • KDU Entrepreneurship Day
  • Hatch Up Series
  • Hatch Up BizPlan
  • KDU Alumni’s Xchange

Aims to create awareness among students about the importance and need for sustainable efforts and personalised actions our students can take to make a difference. 
Key Events:
  • KDU Sustainability Day (Monthly)
  • KDU Environment Day (In Conjunction with World Environment Day)
  • Eco Engagement Series
  • Juara Turtle Project
 KDU Youth Empowerment Plan recognised as a graduate imprint in line with the Malaysia Education Blueprint

YB Dato’ Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein Onn 
(Minister of Defence & Patron of Institute Onn Ja’afar)






KDU Youth Empowerment Series is passionate in providing the highest level support to students and alumni of KDU via a variety of programs which is in line with the Malaysia Education Blueprint. These programs focus on empowering clubs and societies to further drive soft skills development and also to provide a platform for effective learning to transform them from core leaders into adaptive leaders for the future.

Potential Partners

The KDU Student Council (SC) is an elected body of KDU University College, which provides the opportunity for students to develop leadership skills. SC is also a group of Student Leaders - acting as a channel between the management and the students of KDU University College to promote better understanding, encourage cross-cultural learning and communication to resolve arising issues for a better understanding.

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There are various student clubs/societies, which provide student with social, cultural and educational activities, as well as competitive sports, recreational programmes and leisure-time activities. New members are always welcomed!
1.Performing Arts (PARTS)
3.KDU Youth of
4.Indian Cultural Society (ICS)
5.All Star Sports
6.Malay Cultural Society (MCS)
9.Games Anime Youth
10.Expressive Design
12.Christian Fellowship (CF)
13.KDU Debate Association (KDUDA)
15.Student Entrepreneurship & Teamwork Club (SET)
16.Student Council of

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Fairuz Hanani binti Abd Rahman
Executive – Student & Alumni Centre
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Please read the Policies and Procedures of KDU Clubs & Societies to find out how you can register new clubs & societies.