Venturace 2019, A Perfect Way To Bond Students Before A Big Year Ahead!

A group photo of the participating students of Venturace 2019 along with Brandon, emcee of Venturace 2019 at KDU University College. REAL School students emerged as champions at Venturace 2019.
Close to 250 students commemorated the joyful celebration of Venturace 2019! All eyes on their respective doughs as they compete to get the perfect ‘O’ at the ‘Roti Canai Challenge’ station.
Strengthening bonds between students is a long-term goal as mutual respect among peers are fostered over days and months. Because class time is precious and passes too quickly, strategies that leverage small moments have great potential for helping students gel as a community to achieve excellence and KDU University College wasted no time at all!

Hundreds of students gathered at KDU University College to commemorate the joyful celebration of Venturace 2019. The main objectives of the event was not only to create brand awareness of KDU’s vibrant campus and highlight its facilities but also to encourage students to adopt innovative techniques, develop their ideas and skills and recreate memories with their friends before leaving school grounds through a series of fun and memorable activities from an array of KDU programmes.

The event gathered 250 students from various schools within Klang Valley. Exuberant demeanours radiated the multi-purpose hall of KDU University College and these students were then immediately segregated into their respective groups. The race kicked off right after the briefing as these students were eager to begin!

There were total of 9 different game stations all around the campus, where groups competed to complete the task within the stipulated time. All these exciting yet challenging activities were carefully designed to instil teamwork, leadership and creative thinking skills in an exciting and engaging manner. Some of the stations were ‘Roti Canai’ challenge and ‘KDU Idol’, a platform that allowed students to demonstrate their talents, a stepping-stone to achieving greater things in life!

The fun continued as students were treated to a mini concert comprising a plethora of amazing skills of talented students from the KDU Performing Arts Society. From simultaneously singing and playing keyboards to energetic and dynamic dance performances, these KDU performing arts students offered the ultimate package and instantly became a hit. The much awaited moment then arrived when students from REAL School leaped with joy as they emerged as champions followed by SMK Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah as the first runner up and SMK USJ12 and SMK Bandar Puchong Jaya A as the second runner ups.  

The Venturace 2019 was indeed a successful and memorable event as it offered a chance for students to gain substantial experience, showcase skills, analyse and evaluate outcomes and uncover personal aptitude. Students often feel difficult expressing themselves at school. Exams and group assignments do not always capture students’ unique skills or accurately measure the ability to apply skills to real-world problems. Hence through Venturace 2019, these students not only had the opportunity to showcase their hidden talents, develop strategies and skills, but also create memories with their peers which will definitely last a lifetime. Happy faces were exuded throughout the race capturing big smiles and blissful memories!