The Handover Of Humane Dog Trap Cages By School Of Engineering Kdu University College To MALAYSIA ANIMAL WELFARE ASSOCIATION (MAWA)!

Group photo together with Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye ,Chairman of National Institute Of Occupational Safety And Health (NIOSH) Malaysia and Patron of Society For The Prevention of Cruelty To Animals (SPCA) and Mr Mukunnan Anuratha,Founder of Malaysian Animal Welfare Association (Mawa). Cage demonstration by the students.
Token of appreciation from KDU to Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye. Group photo together with the School of Engineering students.
The shocking number of animal cruelty cases reported every day is just the tip of the iceberg—most cases are never reported. Unlike violent crimes against people, cases of animal abuse are not compiled by state or federal agencies, making it difficult to calculate just how common they are. The animals whose abuse is most often reported are dogs and cats.

Animal cruelty is the abuse toward or neglect of an animal. It’s that simple. Some aspects of animal cruelty involve purposefully putting animals in situations that harm, scare, and terrorize them, while others simply result from people looking the other way.

Compelled to rectify this situation, third year students from the KDU School of Engineering designed humane dog trap cages. This project was parked under a module known as Capstone Project, a compulsory multidisciplinary module. The module consists of three engineering disciplines; Mechanical, Electrical & Electronics and Mechatronics. The module also complies with the requirements of the Engineering Accreditation Council (EAC), a body that accredits the engineering programmes conducted in Malaysian academic institutions. The aim of this project is to not only create awareness to the public but to highlight the importance of treating our strays ethically.

KDU School of Engineering students handover the humane dog trap cages to MALAYSIAN ANIMAL WELFARE ASSOCIATION (MAWA) it was witnessed by Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye, Chairman of National Institute of Occupational Safety And Health (NIOSH) Malaysia and Patron of Society For The Prevention of Cruelty To Animals (SPCA).

Hence, together with MAWA, KDU aim to advocate the importance of treating stray dogs in an ethical and responsible manner.