PAC DAY 2019

Group photo at KDU College before departure to EnerG X Park. Participants posing with the iconic EnerG X Park pose before the activity.
One of the team building activity carried out at EnerG X Park. Participant play captian ball together in the evening during PAC Day.
ACCA and CAT programme participated in PAC DAY 2019, which consist of team building activities at EnerG X Park and self curated station games by the organising committee at KDU DJ Campus.
Later, all participants gathered for short briefing on the upcoming station games. There were an assortment of games that required teamwork and communication among the teams were designed by the organizing committee for the session. Participants need to complete tasks from 6 several stations and to obtain points to stand a chance to win the prizes.
As the participants wind down with dinner, the organizing committee tallied up the points and decided on who the prizes were to be given to. Last on the itinerary was HTHT, Heart to Heart talk that was held at 7:00pm. They share their thoughts and appreciation regarding PAC DAY 2019 that was held for the entire day. The closing ceremony ended with the prizes giving which handed out to the teams, with category of “Most Hype Team”, “Most Sporty Team”, “Best Leader”, “Best Participant” and many other prizes.
In conclusion, PAC Day 2019 has achieved its objective in bonding the new CAT intake and ACCA students as this event is more appealing to students compared to the previous PAC Camp that is held for 3 days and 2 nights.