Malaysian Hospitality: Rumahku

Happy faces getting Welcome Drinks. Enjoying dinner: Roti Jala, Beef Kurma and Middle-Eastern cooked rice.
Fruit Basket given to Ms Noorshemah. Group Photo before leaving.
On 20th July 2019, 3 international students along with 4 local students together with 1 SAC staff went on a trip for Rumahku. “Rumah” in Malay essentially means “house”. The programme objective to introduce the hospitality Malaysians have through food & culture, by bringing these students to a host family house to experience it first-hand.
This time they had the chance to visit Ms Noorshemah’s residency in Puchong. Ms Shemah is a Pre-University lecturer at Damansara Jaya campus.
The students then further explored her home and found themselves enjoying at her green balcony. The view from Level 8 was mesmerizing. They enjoyed the evening breeze while sipping on our iced drinks.
As for dinner, they been served with delicious home cooked meal together with wonderful appettizers. The meal prepared was very fulfilling. After dinner, they relaxed at the living hall, chit-chatting with Ms Shemah & enjoyed some dessert.
Intan from SAC gave Ms Shemah a fruit basket as a token of appreciation & they took a group photo before leaving. They had fun as they enjoyed the various types of food prepared by Ms Shemah.