Dr Tan Sin Jin

School of Engineering

+603 5565 0563
Dr Tan Sin Jin is a lecturer from the School of Engineering at KDU University College. She holds a doctorate degree from University Malaya in 2014.
Her research interest are in optical fiber amplifiers and lasers, optical sensor and optical communication systems. She is currently exploring novel nanomaterials for pulsed laser generation and for optical sensing.
Research Grant / Consultancy Project
Research Projects  

  • Tan, S. J., Haris, H., & Harun, S. W. (2017). Switchable Brillouin frequency multiwavelength and pulsed fiber laser, Chinese Optics Letter, 15(10), 101401

  • Tan, S. J., Harun, S. W. (2016). Multi-wavelength Brillouin Erbium Fiber Laser with Pulsing Characteristics. IEEE Tencon 2016, Singapore. 

  • KDU Internal Grant (KDURG/2015/1/002), Lead researcher, December 2015-June 2017