Here's what our students have to say about their time at KDU.

Abdessami Barish

Salem Mohamed Boussab


Sayees Mohammad Muntasir

Huai Jia

Anastasiya Kiselyova
Bachelor of Communication (Hons)

My experience at KDU University College has truly been remarkable. Being an international student, I did not find it hard to adapt here because of the tremendous support from the staff, lecturers and the people I met while studying here. I like the hands-on approach of the courses and direct interaction with lecturers, which took my learning beyond theory. It equipped me to carry out various tasks, and offered me the best grounding for the path I am about to take. My advice to students - don’t to be afraid of venturing out and exploring all the opportunities. Be open to all the possibilities, and focus your energy only on good and positive things
Mehreen Hassan
Bachelor of Culinary Management (Hons)


I was always passionate about cooking and curious about what goes behind the scenes at the kitchen of a restaurant ever since I was a little girl. My culinary dreams brought me to KDU and throughout my studies, I was living my dream on a daily basis, amazed at how even simple practical classes made me feel like I was working in a real restaurant.
There isn’t a single thing about my experience in KDU that I would change; the quality of education I received and the supportive environment I am makes for an invaluable experience in my life.
Mathukanya Mahathorn
Bachelor of Computer Science (Hons), Specialization in Networking

An opportunity to study overseas is a great pleasure. From the beginning, my classmates have been very friendly and helpful, assisting me with adapting to my new life in Malaysia. Fitting in is never easy but with their help, I don’t feel like a stranger in this new place.
The classes are challenging and fun where it promotes critical thinking and exposes me to the real working world. The library is very spacious allowing discussion at the noisy area and the quiet area for those who are studying. The cafeteria has varieties of food and is affordable. It is very convenient for an international student like me.
Ahmed Yaman Nazeem
Diploma in Accountancy

My days in KDU has been remarkable. The support I received from the lecturer, staff and friends in KDU helped me cope with my studies in Malaysia. Coming from a small nation, it was always my dream to study abroad which I fulfilled by making one of the biggest decisions in my life – pursuing my studies in KDU. It is a decision that I will never regret.

Taking up this course has propelled me further into the growing business world. I received holistic education in and outside of the classroom, even receiving an insight of how businesses work here in Malaysia
Do Viet Tu
Certificate in English

What I liked most about the CIENG programme were the enrichment activities. This is because students from different classes could get together and play language games. 

This gave me the chance to talk to them in order to improve my English. I also befriended students from different countries. We had many unforgettable experiences such as the trip to Melaka or just going to watch a movie or having a meal together.
Bachelor of Communication (Hons)

I have never encountered any difficulties as an international student here in KDU University College. KDU made it easy for me to adapt. With experienced lecturers and great facilities, not only does KDU offer quality education, but also real world experience as practical projects are part and parcel of our programme.
I have also been able to strike up many precious friendships and participate in so many activities organised by the school, which has made my university life so enjoyable. I am thankful that I chose KDU University College because I feel that it’s helping me to grow intellectually and culturally, and giving me the necessary skills needed to be successful in the working world.
Zaeem Ul-Hassan
Bachelor of Business (Hons) 

My education experience here at KDU University College is filled with unique perspectives, opportunities and events. Student life here is simply amazing. Education I received here taught me more than knowledge extracted from books. I’ve also picked up soft skills that is essential in grooming me for this evolving industry.
Plus, as an international student, studying in Malaysia has been great; there’s always something new to explore in terms of the culture and heritage, and everyone is always eager to help and make you feel at home.
Teng Yun
Certificate in English

I still remember when I came to Malaysia, I could not understand a word of English. My lecturers taught me a lot and gave me confidence, and they have always been very patient with me.
They also helped me in my life because my English was very poor so I couldn’t do many things by myself.

With their help, my English improved very quickly. I certainly made the right choice in choosing to study in KDU.