KDU Sustainability Campaign & CSR Initiatives


Here at KDU we strongly believe in conserving the environment for our future generations and working closely with and within the community around us to help better understand the real world needs to prepare our students to become ideal future leaders. Through this empowerment plan, we will educate and encourage our students to be actively involved in activities relating to environmental protection as well as Corporate Social Responsibilities Initiatives that would benefit the communities for a better environment that could sustain the overall business industry. It is essential that our students understand the consequences of their action towards the environment and become responsible members of the society by willing to extend a helping hand to the communities. Ultimately, KDU strives to produce world class graduates with the best set of skills and mentality.
Sustainability Campaign

The decisions we make today will shape all our tomorrows – for this nation, and for this planet. Through this empowerment plan, KDU graduates will learn not only about environment protection, but have a part to play in creating long-lasting efforts for economic and social development of the community and the nation. The concept of Green Campus has been widely spread across Malaysia, seeping into the educational sector with the belief that a sustainable environment can contribute to sustainable education, producing graduates of higher quality.

In line with this, this empowerment plan aims to create awareness among students about the importance and need for sustainability efforts, and the personalised actions they can take to make a difference. In our KDU Empowerment Plan, KDU Sustainability aims to protect the environment by planning, organising and introducing numerous campus-wide programs and sustainability efforts that will reach out to all students. Students will be educated and subsequently practise environment protection by recycling and reducing power consumption. 
  • To instil environmental awareness among the KDU students, staffs and community.
  • To encourage students to actively contribute to save the environment.
  • To learn about the choices and actions we can take to prevent, reduce or change harmful activities involving the environment.

KDU Sustainability Campaign Video
16.3% of green footprint (local authority requirement at only 10%) Building automation system to monitor energy usage
Good passive envelope design with Overall Thermal Transfer Value (OTTV) of less than 45W/m2 (minimal solar heat gain through façade) Naturally ventilated courtyard and corridors
Energy efficient centralized chilled water air conditioning system Advance Building Management System with scheduling capabilities (A/C and lighting can be programmed to be turned ON according to the class schedule)
Provision of digital power meters to track energy consumption for reporting and improvement Demand-controlled ventilation control using CO2 sensors for lecture theatres
Tobacco smoke free campus Energy efficient artificial lighting design and fittings
More than 30% of the area designed with usable daylighting Dedicated preferred car park for green vehicles
Harvested rainwater used for irrigation and cooling tower make up Water leak detection system for conservation of water
Water efficient sanitary fittings Educational displays showing building's real-time energy performance
Facilities for recycling activities    
Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives
Working With & Within Communities

One of the most vital traits of real-world education in parallel with real-world needs, is to work with and within communities. At KDU, we believe that the communities around us play an important role in shaping and influencing future leaders and professional businesses. We interact with variety of communities and imbue our students the skills required to work with these communities effectively.

Corporate Social Responsibilities Initiatives that benefit society by corporate enterprises are important in ensuring that the business world remain connected to its own corporate conscience for better environment and better communities. One of the CSR projects initiated by KDU students include the Pre-United Club’s efforts of raising more than RM50,000 for the University Malaya Medical Centre (UMMC)’s Children Cancer Fund through its fundraising activities and initiatives. An on-going project since 2010, some of the initiatives from the club include raising funds through tickets sales for musical showcases, food carnivals, competitions such as bowling tournaments and more.
Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives of KDU

Rakan Surauku and Bubur Lambuk

‘Rakan Surauku and Bubur Lambuk’
programme, jointly organised by KDU’s Malay Cultural Society, Youth of Deen and students from the School of Hospitality, Tourism and Culinary Arts, in collaboration with 1Malaysia for Youth (iM4U), a government body mobilising youth volunteers of all races for nation-building activities held across the country, at Masjid Fastabiqul Khairat, Shah Alam. A total of 15 students from both KDU campuses in Damansara Jaya and Utropolis Glenamrie, joined in the charity move – cleaning up the surrounding of the mosque and distributing ‘Bubur Lambuk’, specially cooked porridge for breaking fast, to fellow Muslims.
KDU Environment Day

KDU Environment Day. In conjunction with World Environmental Day, KDU’s Student & Alumni Centre (SAC) organised the KDU Environment Day today, at its main campus in Utropolis Glenmarie, as part of SAC’s 2017 KDU Sustainability initiative, aimed to create awareness amongst students about the importance and need for sustainability efforts.

Jom Sahur Campaign
Jom Sahur Campaign, was a collaborated CSR project by SAC, IOJ and Yayasan Chow Kit (YCK) with food provided by Pullman Putrajaya Lakeside Hotel.  This project was participated by around 60 student-volunteers from KDU to hand out Sahur (pre-fasting) meals to the city’s homeless and underprivileged.
 CSR Trip to Hat Yai
CSR Trip to Hat Yai, SHTCA conducted an international educational study and corporate social responsibility trip to Ibnuauf Foundation and Emirate Orphanage House in Satun Province, Thailand. More than 50 students from the Bachelor of Hospitality Management and Bachelor of Culinary programmes, as well as 3 lecturers and a staff from KDU, were involved in the international educational study and CSR tour to provide some relief and community service to the local orphanage.

 Little Green World Project 
Little Green World project, organised by 25 engineering students from the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) class, guided by their lecturer Ir Cheang Kok Meng, carried out a charity terrarium project - making terrariums out of empty glassware, conducted a charity sale and contributed the proceeds to the World Wide Funds for Nature Malaysia (WWF). The purpose was to demonstrate the importance of resource conservation in terms of upcycling glass bottles as well as to bring home the point about ecological sustainability.

 Buku Jalanan Chow Kit Classes
‘Buku Jalanan Chow Kit Classes’, a programme that supports the homeless and underprivileged children of Chow Kit, which takes place every Friday at the IOJ Kuala Lumpur Volunteer Centre (KLVC), was participating by KDU student-volunteers, starting from March until the end of 2017, to teach and assist the children. This campaign was held followed by the official launch of ‘KDU’s Youth Empowerment Plan’ by IOJ patron Dato’ Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein Onn on 18 December 2016.

IOJ Volunteer Appreciation Day 
IOJ Volunteer Appreciation Day, for KDU University College’s Youth Empowerment Plan, champion by Institut Onn Jaafar, held at KDU’s Utropolis Glenmarie campus.  IOJ patron Dato’ Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein Onn officially launched the plan, together with KDU Vice Chancellor Professor Dr Hiew Pang Leang and Deputy Vice Chancellor of Academic Associate Professor Dr Hon Wei Min. The event saw almost 1,000 student-volunteers honoured for their participation in and contribution of IOJ’s JOM BEKPES morning soup-kitchen campaign, where volunteers served and ate breakfast with homeless people and underprivileged kids in Kuala Lumpur in 2016. As part of their commitment towards IOJ initiatives, KDU also pledged to channel its students taking Corporate Social Responsibility as a subject towards charity programmes organised by the NGO. KDU believes that one of the most vital traits of real world education in parallel with real world needs, is to work with surrounding communities.

Seek & Snap: Chasing Nature
‘Seek & Snap: Chasing Nature’, an inaugural photography competition jointly presented by Canon Marketing (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd and KDU University College,
participated by over 650 students from high schools, colleges and universities nationwide, at Taman Botani Negara Shah Alam, pitting their photography skills in a bid to win exciting Canon prizes worth over RM16,000. The competition is aimed at cultivating photography as a healthy hobby among students, while giving them the opportunity to explore nature at a renowned tourist spot in Selangor. The event was also supported by the Ministry of Tourism and Culture and Tourism Malaysia Selangor, in line with the Government’s focus on promoting domestic tourism and eco-tourism.
Strikes for Charity

‘Strikes for Charity’, a charity bowling competition organised by SPUS’s Pre United Club, gathering a total number of 88 bowl-enthusiasts from within and beyond the campus at Sunway Pyramid Megalanes. The main purpose was to raise funds for the Children Cancer Fund at University Malaya Medical Centre (UMMC), there is a need of medication equipment and other supplies for the patient there. To be precise, 70% of the fund raised will be channelled to children with cancer, while 30% is to build up Pre United Club’s fund. The Pre United Club recently had a handover ceremony with total sum of RM13,151 in collection to the UMMC Children’s Cancer Fund. The ceremony was held on 16 August at UMMC’s Paediatric Cancer Ward.


‘PS, LOL’, organised by students from Event Management class, Bachelor of Communication (Hons) programme, SCCA, sent out a message directed at the public to Love Out Loud, Live Out Loud and Laugh Out Loud, as well as spread happiness amongst students, staff and members of the public. The iconic mural, measured 10 metres in length, 4 metres in width, and about 3 metres in height, built by using 64,000 pieces of lollipops, has ultimately created an entry for KDU in the Malaysia Book of Records.
Go Green Photography Competition
‘Go Green Photography Competition’, organised by KDU’s Student and Alumni Centre (SAC), in conjunction with KDU Sustainability Day, with aims to educate students on the importance of sustainability.
SHTCA CSR Initiative 2016
SHTCA CSR Initiative 2016, organised by SHTCA students, under guidance and tutelage of their compulsory CSR subject lecturer, Datin Puteri Julie, and worked on a series of charity projects for their Corporate Social Responsibility subject under the Bachelor of Hospitality Management and Bachelor in Culinary Management programmes. The first two phases saw the students spearheading donation drives from their peers, friends, KDU staff and academics, family as well as the general public. First phase of the drive was on clothes collection, while the second phase had students organising a drive to collect canned food. The third phase and the grand finale was a concerted effort of the students in organising a soup kitchen and delivering the donation items collected to the needy at DBKL Medan Kasih Distribution Centre, Lorong Medan Tuanku 2, Kuala Lumpur.
Seeding MY Hope Campaign 

Seeding MY Hope campaign, collaborated by SCCA students, by presenting guerilla-style stunt, singing Rasa Sayang in the LRT train. The train party was just the launch of the campaign, which hopes to encourage fellow Malaysians to share their hopes for the nation leading up to Malaysia Day. The campaign was conceptualised by the students and is being executed with the guidance of their lecturer, writer and educator Niki Cheong.

Project Dream 2.0
Project Dream 2.0, a charitable-based project with a series of activities and events, organised by Communication and Media Studies Department, SCCA, headed by its lecturer, Mr Timothy Chan Liem Joe. Project Dream 2.0 consisted of three main components: the Seringgit Sehari campaign, where donors pledged a donation of at least RM1 a day; the Charity Bazaar on 26 July; and My MERCY Run on 1 August.  Part of these initiative was SCCA students from the Diploma in Mass Communication’s Principles of Public Relation and Principles of Advertising classes presented Project Dream 2.0 to raise funds for MERCY Malaysia’s General Relief Fund, primarily a reserve fund that is utilised during crisis such as the Nepal earthquake, Kelantan flood and so on.
KDU Hearty Paw

“KDU Hearty Paw”, a project run by 9 MBA students of KDU University College’s Hospitality Business Management programme, in creating awareness among young adults and educating the general public in owning and being responsible for their pets.
SHTCA Ramadhan 2015 Project
SHTCA Ramadhan 2015 project, kick started with an Iftar session with thirty-eight orphans from the Raudhatul Al-Faeez Orphanage
, which is under the patronage of the Ministry of Agriculture & Agro-Based Industry. The orphans were given a real treat by the students, hosted by the management of the Ibis Styles Hotel, Kuala Lumpur Fraser Business Park.


UNSW Foundation Studies Students Organised Charity Iftar
UNSW foundation studies students organised charity Iftar with orphans from Rumah Bakti Cahaya Hati. A group of 30 students led by three lecturers, Ms. Shirley, Ms. Shazlina and Ms. Farihah, visited the Rumah Bakti Cahaya Hati orphanage in Bandar Tasik Putri, Rawang, to hold an Iftar (breaking fast) session with the orphans and channel financial aids to them in conjunction with the upcoming Aidilfitri celebrations.
CSR project

CSR project organised by General Studies (MPU) class, headed by Mr Lawrence Anak Abus, together with the Region of Love Society, a non-governmental organisation, which conducts weekend evening classes for homeless and underprivileged children from Chow Kit area. On the day of this CSR activity, 38 unprivileged children from the ages of 3 to 13 years old, were led into a series of activities such as ice-breakers and games, a campus tour, a cupcake-decorating session as well as a movie presentation, all of which were conducted in our national language.

Earth Day ‘Waste Not, Want Not’ Culinary Competition
Earth Day ‘Waste Not, Want Not’ Culinary Competition, organised by SHTCA, held in conjunction with Earth Day, to educate students eliminating the ‘wasting mentality’ by self-discipline - do not waste food, do not waste effort, do not waste youth and eventually, do not waste life.

Ice Bucket Challenge
Ice Bucket Challenge, organised by the students from the Events Planning & Management, Events Campaign Management, Events Operation and Corporate Social Responsibility of KDU, in helping the less fortunate and orphans from Rumah Amal Suci Rohani, to go on a fun and educational trip to Legoland and Waterworld.