ADP Laxus: Halloween Celebration 2018

ADP Halloween Celebration 2018. Haunted House: ADP Halloween Celebration 2018.
Magic Show at ADP Halloween Celebration 2018.            Group photo ADP Halloween Celebration 2018.
It's that time of the year where spook is in and the most gruesome attire gets you a prize. Don a blood-dripping black cape, pair it with some over-sized teeth and scary make-up and you're all set to hit the town with the kids this Halloween. From Halloween costume contests to trick-or-treating, parties and Halloween-themed baking.

These days, Halloween is more known for how it is celebrated: trick-or-treating, costume parties, carved pumpkins, telling scary stories and watching horror films.

ADP LAXUS Club hosted an annual event on 31st of October celebrated Halloween. The main course for this Halloween is spaghetti dyed purple served with blood red tomato sauce.

Meanwhile, Shaun Ming a well-known magician from PAC went from table to table to enthrall the patrons with all the tricks he had up his sleeves and his fellow magician graced the stage to perform several simple but fascinating magical feats that left the audience entirely awestruck.

At around 7 PM, the haunted house is ready for visitors to journey through. The theme for this year is underworld with the chosen title for the haunted house, “The Red Door.” Behind the red door lies the lair of those who had been forgotten and in order to free yourself from their tortured screams, the visitors have to collect three human souls in the form of glow-in-the-dark stars from the forgotten ones.

The winner of the Instagram hashtag competition is announced while a total of three winners are picked throughout the night and bags full of prizes been awarded to them for their creativity and participation.

The event proceeded smoothly until it ended at around 10 PM. The feedback from some of the patrons and were grateful to find that most of them found the event entertaining and the haunted house is the best memories for them.