Advocating Success Via Sharing Sessions With Students

Students listening attentively to Lo’s sharing of experience and knowledge. Jason showing KDU students his “cool” music applications.
Students enjoying the F&B spread provided. It is called Teatime with CEO after all! Group photo.
Offering insights, imparting valuable knowledge and sharing wealth of experience have never come in more inspiring than getting the gist from the person who endured it first-hand. With this in mind, KDU’s Student Alumni Centre (SAC) have made it a point to organise sharing sessions between students and captains of the industries through its Teatime with CEO series.

The first Teatime with CEO for this year was with the very experienced, affable and entertaining Mr. Jason Jonathan Lo, Chief Executive Officer of Tune Talk. The objective of this special session was to motivate KDU students by exposing them to real industry players that could share their war stories, which would not only stimulate their passion but more importantly prepare them for real world challenges that await them once they graduate from KDU.

Upon Jason’s arrival on his ever cool motorbike, he was welcomed warmly by Mr. Shanker Sathivellu, KDU’s Deputy Vice Chancellor – Administration and Mr. Mitchell Liong, Senior Manager of the Student & Alumni Centre. The session saw an attendance of students from different programme backgrounds such as business, entrepreneurial design, computing and hospitality, who were all enthusiastic to hear from Mr. Lo on his vast experiences and what he could share with them.

Taking a step back and looking at Mr. Lo’s background and career, one probably would not have guessed him to be heading the helm of a telco provider. Starting in the Malaysian music and entertainment, and maintaining a strong presence in that industry, his venture into opportunities beyond that eventually saw him appointed as the CEO of Tune Talk, a mobile virtual network operator under Tune Ventures, in 2007. The fastest growing mobile prepaid service provider in the last 5 years, Tune Talk currently has 1.5 million subscribers and aims to become the definitive ASEAN sim card.

Mr. Lo had an interesting approach in sharing his experience with the students, as he started his sharing session by showing students the interactive applications on his iPad on how to make music using different apps, and creative entertainment advertisements on YouTube. His wonderful approach to keep his talk interactive and amusing had not only kept students on the edge of their seats, but also made the students’ engagement enhanced and more relatable. The momentum and energy of his credible sharing session carried out until the very end. It is hoped that this sharing session could keep the motivation of the students to grow stronger and overcome all the future obstacles that may challenge their way to achieve the ultimate success, regardless if it is finding the right career or start up their own business as entrepreneurs.

One student, Nicholas Chia from the Bachelor of Software Engineering programme, stated, “At first, I was not really sure what to make of Mr. Lo, as he was making music in the beginning of the session. But as we went on and he began to speak about the experience and his perspective, I began to be more drawn in. Thereafter, a few things he talked about near the end of the session struck me. I am truly honoured to have the chance to listen to him. In his unorthodox manner, it was one of the best talks I have attended.”

Another student, who is currently in his second year of Diploma in Accountancy, Ng Min Yin said, “This session has encouraged me even further to pursue my dreams and objectives in life. It was also quite surprising to see someone from a completely different background helming such position in a big company successfully, and being able to share his success stories with us today. Mr. Lo’s speech was very engaging and I am really glad that the way he approached us is rather fun. Apart from his previous experience, his method to share his stories is unique and illustrious, unlike other talks that I have joined previously.”

Furthermore, he said, “I am really looking forward to more events such as this in future, where we are able to meet with successful people such as Mr. Lo.” The event may have ended but the impact that it has on KDU students is hoped to drive them even further to attain success in the near future.