ALMA General Manager From Italy Fully Inspired While Visiting KDU New Campus For The First Time

“ALMA’s qualification is a value-added recognition to your future career path. You will have some sort of passport to go wherever in the world and find a job everywhere.” -- Mr Andrea Sinigaglia, ALMA’s General Manager.   
KDU University College’s School of Hospitality, Tourism & Culinary Arts recently hosted a visit for Mr. Andrea Sinigaglia, General Manager of ALMA - La Scuola Internazionale di Cucina Italiana, the world’s leading international educational and training centre for Italian Cuisine as well as the KDU’s university partner.

KDU’s partnership with ALMA was established in 2012, and under KDU’s Bachelor of Culinary Management, students pursuing the Italian Cuisine specialisation spend a semester at ALMA in Parma, Italy, for studies as well as internship. Mutual visits between KDU are frequent, however, this visit marks the first visit for Mr. Andrea Sinigaglia at KDU’s one and a half year old Utropolis Glenmarie campus.

Sinagaglia’s visit injected numerous new ideas for KDU-ALMA collaboration, including establishing new undergraduate and post-graduate programmes.

“This is my first time visiting the KDU new campus. I have to say, I am truly impressed. This is because I can see not only has a huge investment been put in, but also that the investment has been done wisely. From an operational point of view, the layout of the school enables seamless operational work to be done,” Sinigaglia commented.

“I also particularly enjoyed my lunch at Dewakan [KDU’s own fine dining restaurant], as I felt that the food was a marriage of excellent taste, great beauty and rich culture. I like the idea of combining the courses with Contemporary Beverages. I know Chef Darren Teoh and I am very happy to see him in charge of this restaurant,” he added.

Earlier on, Sinigaglia met Year 3 KDU degree students who are in the Italian Cuisine specialisation and will be heading to ALMA, Italy. “They are all well informed about ALMA and the programme there, but it was also a pleasure for me to paint the whole picture of a student’s life in Italy. For young students in their 20s, going to Europe is a real adventure.”  

“ALMA is the top culinary centre for Italian cuisine in the world. The school is located in a small village in Colorno. KDU students will spend 2 months here, and will be able to go sightseeing around Italy during the weekend as Colorno is well connected in transportation with the rest of Italy. Later on, they will be able to do their practical training in any top Italian restaurant for 5 months, before going back to the school for final examinations,” Andrea elaborated.

Upon graduation, students will receive their parchment from KDU University College and a certificate from ALMA. This will be a value-added recognition to their future career path. “You will have the passport to go wherever in the world, you can travel around the world and you can find a job everywhere as Italian cuisine has gain popularity in the world, everyone loves it!” enthused Andrea.