Alumni Xchange: Be Inspired By Your Seniors

Crowd of students who attended the Alumni Xchange session on 2nd July 2019.
 KDU Alumni, from left Mr. Mohamad Faisal b. Ahmad Fadzil, Mr. Imran Harith, (middle) emcee for alumni xchange session, Jasreena & (Right) Aishah Sinclair.
Our KDU Alumni, Mr. Mohamad Faisal b. Ahmad Fadzil, shares his experience on entrepreneurship. Our KDU Alumni receiving the “KDU Alumni Herald” from Professor. Dr. Hon Wei Min.
The Student and Alumni Center (SAC) of KDU University College, Utropolis Glenmarie recently organised Alumni Xchange on 2nd July 2019, it is an exchange session between KDU alumni and current students. As alumnus with professional success, the scope of knowledge and real-life experiences they accumulate and carry over the years were definitely an exciting chapter to share with the students of today in helping them to better understand the intricacies and volatile nature of the industries that they will soon join. This exchange session aimed to enlighten and educate these young minds to strive for excellence in their future endeavours.

Imran Harith, is an expert in Muai Thai, despite graduated from School of Communication & Creative Arts in KDU,his passion in Muai Thai started in 2014. He visited a village in Chalong, Thailand, to learn an art of Muay Thai and accompany by his friend for a match.

Imran realised the Muay Thai training centre there is helping those children rebuild their lives. During the Alumni Xchange session, Imran shared on what Discover Muay Thai provides which it is an alternative to the gang life. It is a brotherhood. The boys get to meet other people like them while rediscovering their potential and abilities, forming lasting friendships and learning to value human relationships.

The next speaker is Mohd Faisal Ahmad Fadzil, Managing Director of Tanamera Tropical Spa Sdn Bhd managing his family spa and personal care business which first gained exposure and recognition in Germany. During the Alumni Xchange session, he shared a little need for balancing life.

“We are blessed as our family is closer because of the business. My mom and my family are the two greatest inspirations for me. My dad’s values inspire me also,” shared Faisal. Hence, his greatest achievement is unsurprising. In addition, during the Alumni Xchange session, Faisal love to share his entrepreneurs journey that give excitement for young generation to start doing business. When building a brand, it’s important to set clear objectives or targets for the brand and outline a brand philosophy. “You need to ask yourself, is it a cheap product? Is it a green product? There are no right or wrong answers because it’s your brand philosophy,” says Faisal.

Finally, the last speaker for the day is Aishah Sinclair,an actress, television host and radio announcer.In this Alumni Xchange session, she briefly shared her accomplished achievements and encouraged students to take charge and make the effort to drive their dreams. She mentioned during the Alumni Xchange session that,“You must always have hope and a reason for doing things and this pretty much applies to everything in life. If you have a strong enough reason for something, then you will do it, so find your strong enough reason.”

Wrapping up the session, KDU Deputy Vice Chancellor for Academic, Professor Dr. Hon Wei Min presented our guest speakers with the “KDU Alumni Herald”, which outlines the programme initiative of supporting our schools and programmes, linking students and alumni to a larger community, and building stronger connections in developing their career and education pathways. This initiative aims by collaborating with them not only in fortifying the alumni engagement and networking, is a bridge for our mentoring efforts by providing current students with the opportunity to connect with alumni and discuss future career options and endeavours.

The Alumni XChange session was greatly appreciated by the students from having the opportunity to hear from young entrepreneurs such as our speakers that worked alongside KDU in bringing student engagement and hands-on exposure for everyone to learn and cherish together.