An Astonishing Bug Hunt Success By KDU Students

KDU’s winners of E-Genting Bug Hunt 2017 (front row from right) Nicholas Chia Jin-Ann, Goh Xiao Qi and Che’er Chunhao, sharing their joy with their lecturers and team members. Che’er Chunhao (centre) won Second Prize in E-Genting Bug Hunt 2017 and bagged a RM3,000 cash reward; Distinction prizes with RM500 cash reward each won by Goh Xiao Qi (from left) and Nicholas Chia Jin-Ann.
E-Genting Bug Hunt 2017 top 3 winners including KDU’s student Che’er Chunhao (left) pose with (from right) Mr Lim Chee Heong, COO of RW Tech Labs; Dato' Ng Wan Peng, COO of MDEC; and Mr Jonathan Searcy, Senior Vice President of E-Genting.  
KDU’s spectacular triumph in kick-starting the Year 2018, with a return of the computing students in a programming and software testing competition by capturing one of the top 3 prizes!

At the E-Genting Programming Competition and Bug Hunt 2017 Presentation of Prizes and Awards Ceremony held on 27 January in Kuala Lumpur, Che’er Chunhao, a KDU’s Bachelor of Computer Science (Hons) student, won the Second Prize of the Bug Hunt Competition which came with a RM3,000 cash reward.

Besides this great achievement, there were also Distinction prizes in the same category won by Nicholas Chia Jin-Ann and Goh Xiao Qi amidst fierce rivalry posed by about a hundred competitors from public and private universities in Malaysia. Both Chia and Goh, who each walked away with a RM500 cash prize are students of the Bachelor of Software Engineering (Hons) programme.

The ceremony was graced by Dato' Ng Wan Peng, the Chief Operating Officer of Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC); and the top management of E-Genting, Genting Berhad and RW Tech Labs. Academicians of the School of Computing and Creative Media (SCCM), KDU University College - Mr Tan Chin Ike, the Head of School; Mr Phua Yeong Tsann, Academic Department Head, Computing Department; Ms Sujata Navaratnam, Programme Leader, Computing Department; and Ms Law Foong Li, Senior Lecturer, Computing Department were also at the event.

This out-of-campus competition was held at the end of last year with aims to provide the opportunity to showcase their software testing skills in real life scenarios for students in the computer science, software engineering and computer studies fields.
Sponsored by MDEC and held annually at Wisma Genting, the E-Genting Bug Hunt is a software testing competition organized by E-Genting Sdn Bhd to seek out the best software quality assurance engineers for the company. Besides walking away with the attractive prizes, contestants who demonstrated real talent will be expecting a job offer after this.

In this full day, single round shot competition held on 12 November 2017, the contestants were given a software specification and software source code where they were required to return test procedures that could be used to test the software and to detect bugs at the end of the competition.

Observers were impressed with the fact that being an open-book and hand-written competition with no computers and electronic devices provided, the competitors could fully apply their knowledge absorbed from the classroom with a lot of flexibilities.

Looking at the students’ achievements, Mr Tan Chin Ike, the Head of School of Computing and Creative Media (SCCM) said, “We believe in providing quality education but more importantly providing the right environment to nurture and enable our students to be competitive and highly marketable. We feel that besides academic pursuits, students should be active in competitions and external events that are aimed at making them as industry-ready as possible. That is what sets them apart as talents and not mere graduates. This is what most organisations look for in students. That extra edge! This is something KDU hopes to produce in all our talents.”

Indeed, this competition served as a means to provide exposures to undergraduates with an outside-classroom experience especially in dealing with real-life test cases. It is also a good opportunity for the student to apply their knowledge with hands-on problems.

Prior to the actual competition, there were workshops and group discussions conducted by Ms Law Foong Li, senior lecturer of the Computing Department who supervised the participating team in order to equip students for this competition. Students went through some process like familiarising themselves with programming languages such as SQL, C/C++, Java, as well as the style of the competition.

This is a perfect reason to celebrate achievements of School of Computing and Creative Media, SCCM’s students with KDU citizens achieving the best for their studies and in the upcoming career development. Credit should be given also to the lecturers who led the team in reaching this success which helps strengthen the KDU reputation.