Bringing Leo Clubs Together For Corporate Social Responsibility

Group photo of The Leos and the children visit at Yakult factory in Seremban. Group photo of The Leos and the children Visit Tasik cruise Putrajaya.
Group photo of The Leos and the children visit to Farm in the City in Serdang. Group photo of The Leos and the organizing committee.
Leo club of KDU PJ have recently collaborated with both Leo club of BAC and Leo club of SEGI to organise a meaningful project named “The Orphan Project” on the 30th of September 2017. The event was a one day trip participated by a group of 20 Leos and 20 Orphans to Tasik Cruise Putrajaya, Yakult Factory and Farm in the City.
The organising chairperson for this event, Bernard Tang from KDU Diploma in Computer Studies, explained, “The main purpose of this event was to provide an opportunity for the less fortunate children to experience, learn and explore the life beyond their daily routine. Besides that, it is also an opportunity for the leos to serve the community. During the event, the children were eager to learn and to conquer their curiosity. On the other hand, the leos were very dedicated to guiding and accompanying the children throughout the whole event. It was truly momentous for the leos as we managed to fill the hearts of children with love and trust to succeed as a growing individual. Knowing that we can make a positive influence towards the leos and the children, it will always be my motivation to organise a similar event in the future.”
During the time at Tasik Cruise Putrajaya, the children had a great time sightseeing the city of Putrajaya whilst on the cruise. The commentator educated them about the man-made lake and explain to them about the wonderful concept of Putrajaya.
The next destination was the Yakult Factory where one of the employees from the factory gave the group a tour of the factory.
Truth be told, the leos and the children were both equally fascinated and eager to tour and learn about the production of Yakult. Whilst walking around, the employee did give us a few helpful comments about our health such as, “there's a difference between bad bacteria and good bacteria, Yakult is made from good bacterias that help digestion and bad bacteria that stems from junk food, can make you unwell.” At the end of the tour, all of us were given a bottle of Yakult and the children were given a colouring book.
The last destination, and also the best, was Farm in the City. By far, this was the place that the children were most eager and excited about, they get to see many different animals that they do not get to see on a daily basis. First stop, we went to see a parrot show. There was a look of amazement on the children’s face as they saw the parrots speak, play dead and raise a flag. There was also a tour guide to take us around, we all also had a chance to go into the cage to play and feed the animals. There was a very interesting activity called ‘Catch the fish’ where all of us had to catch fish in a manmade canal. The children felt both frustration and happiness as the fishes were harder to catch than they thought but the feeling of success when one is caught made the cheer. The children also had a feeding session with tortoise and they were all surprised how fast it can move. Whilst on the way back, all the leos wrote a special note for the children as a surprise. The children felt grateful when they read their notes.