Clubs and Societies Awards Night: A Night of Celebrations

Best Newbies of The Year goes to Expressive Design Art. Ms Gee Chia Chen won Sporting Club Advisor.
Lai Yi Ching received an awards from Mr Shanker for Sports Geek of The Year Closing performance by Insomiacks.
Student & Alumni Centre (SAC) held the first Clubs and Societies Awards Night, focused on recognising the importance of clubs and societies to fostering community within the College and University. Meanwhile, it is also promoting bonding of friendship in the campus.
The event was opened to club and societies executive members in both campus. Hence, SAC, wanted to recognise the efforts and achievements of individuals and Clubs in the campus.

There are 14 awards introduced by this year, which SAC already set up the criteria and panel of judges to each categories. The winner for The Best Newbies of The Year won by Expressive Design Art, Smashing Happening Event of The Year won by KDU’s Got Talent S3 Charity Concert by PAC Club. For the Perfectionist Club of the Year won by PAC Club, while Most Vibrant Club of the Year won by Pre United Club. For each Sport Squad of the year won by Badminton Team and Juicy Creative Club won by LEO Club.

For individual categories, Big Gun of the year won by Adrian Johnny Ting from PARTS while Sport Geek of the year won by Lai Yi Ching from Badminton Team. The Best Volunteer award attained by Ng Ping Yein and Sporting Club Advisor collected by Ms Gee Chia Chen from Engineering Society. The Two Special Awards earned by LEO Club and Superstar Personality Awards collected by Tan Yun Horng. The most prestigious awards Awesome-st Club of the Year, which is 100% voted from KDU Students acquired by PARTS.

The award winners had the opportunity to get a framed certificate as a token of appreciation. The aim of the event to create a sense of accomplishment as well as encouraging new students to expose themselves more in clubs and societies by actively taking part in clubs and societies. The event was a success as most of the clubs and societies executive members attended and had much fun. The atmosphere was enlivened with KDU Students such Aswini, Siti Imanina, PARTS and Ms Kimberly Lecturer from School of Business, Raja Syahiran and Insomniacks performances.