Combatting The Stigma Against Mental Wellness

Motivated by the ideology in sustaining health and fitness, which adopted by KDU University College for its students and staffs with guided by the terms ‘Fitspiration’ - an amalgamation of the word ‘Fit’ and ‘Inspiration’ in determining the key initiative, a wide variety of activities has been put up to enhance students’ psychical and psychological health for a balanced lifestyle.

On 28 February 2018, to kick off the KDU Fitspiration 2018 initiative, a Health & Wellness Talk was organised with aims to raise awareness of mental health and methods of coping with mental issues among students.

Held in the Silent Room, the facility for social network and leisure time at students’ accommodation in the KDU Utropolis Glenmarie campus, Siti Khadijah, a Nurse Sister from Sunway Medical Centre presented the talk with titled “Stress, anxiety and depression”, with attendance of 19 students of different study programmes.

By sharing useful information on the signs, symptoms and occurrence of stress, anxiety and depression; different ways in coping with stressors, and methods for coping with depression, the speaker reiterated the importance of reaching out to counsellors and mental health professionals once one comes to the life’s crossroads.

As mental issues are often unseen and unheard, this had prompted students to inquire more about how they could help their peers who are in need. Furthermore, there were questions raised pertaining to the stigma of seeking to counsel. The speaker reaffirmed the students that there are avenues to handle such situation with options being offered to the help seekers.
At the end of this talk, students were fully aware that mental wellness is the foundation of general physical wellbeing. As they were open to this subject matter and were keen to learn more about it, the Health & Wellness Talk of KDU Fitspiration 2018 initiative had finally reaped with fruitful gain.