CPR Workshop on Learning Life Saving Skills

More workshops on Basic First Aid Knowledge. Talk given by Sister Siti Khadijah.
CPR demonstration by Nurse Nur Nirmai. Group photo of speakers and attendees.
Student and Alumni Centre, KDU kick-start the first basic first aid workshop on 19th February 2019 in collaboration with Sunway Medical Centre. The workshop delivered are more on hands basis for students who managed to see and experience how basic first aid worked. This goes as well as hand in hand Fitspiration initiative to look after the wellness and fitness of the students.

There were 20 students and staffs from KDU College Damansara Jaya who attended this workshop. Siti Khadijah Ahmad and Nurse Nur Nirmai with the helped of KDU’s in-house nurse, Siti Nadirah conveyed a talk on basic life support with CPR demonstration and recovery position.

Sister Khadijah explained on how to aided individuals for CPR. The procedure of the CPR included: looking for response from the person and checking up the signs of breathing and pulse. Sister Khadijah also explained the theory behind CPR and how to do it more efficiently. Nurse Nirmai demonstrated on how to perform CPR on a CPR Manikin. By the demonstration, the audience were able to gauge on how to respond during an emergency.

Do come join us for the next workshop on how the skills of CPR, attending wounds and sports injury. You can even try to perform CPR on the Manikin provided. Check out the details below in our poster. Hope we’ll see you then.