Discover Excellence With KDU’s A Levels Programme

Petronas scholars (From left) Chai Yao Sheng, Niroshini A/P Muniandy, Muhammad Syamim bin Muhammad Ismail, and Mohammad Ali bin Mohamad Nasrin posing for the camera. Petronas scholars who are undertaking the A Levels programme with KDU College posing in front of the School of Pre – University Studies Centre for General Studies office.
Get access to the world’s top universities by joining KDU’s A Levels programme which is based on the prestigious University of Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) syllabus and begin your journey in shaping your desired future with us at KDU College, Damansara Jaya. The A Levels programme offered by KDU is internationally recognised and acknowledged by the leading universities such as University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, University of Manchester, University of London and more. The programme serves as a passport that paves the way for our students to gain entry into a myriad of undergraduate degree programmes such as medicine, law, engineering, and many more.

As an institution that combines knowledge with experimental learning that goes beyond classroom teaching, KDU develops students who are confident, responsible, innovative and well – equipped for success in the fast – changing modern world. The Cambridge International Examinations, General Certificate of Education A Levels curriculum prepares students to build strong fundamental knowledge as they explore subjects in greater depth, develop essential cognitive and critical thinking skills, and learn the ability to apply their skills in real – world scenarios. Coupled with the state of the art facilities here at KDU and excellent lecturers who are committed to ensure students’ steady growth in academic performance, it is obvious that KDU is the best choice for learners. 

Here at KDU, students are groomed to seek places for competitive degree courses at the most elite universities in the UK or internationally. The A Levels from KDU is widely regarded as the ‘Gold standard’ qualification to some of the most prominent universities in Britain, and the rest of the world making it a perfect platform for students to strive further for the best education locally or abroad. KDU A levels programme is unique in providing an unrivalled depth of study for students to explore and identify their strengths in any area of studies. After two years of study, students will be armed with an extensive subject knowledge which is often only acquired after attending the first year of university studies in other countries. This programme is also designed to help students to develop broad study skills which are essential to be analytical and bequeath students with the ability to think critically.

According to Dr. Jenny Wong Sook Khuan, Head of the School, Business and Social Sciences and School of Pre – University Studies KDU College, “A-Levels is generally viewed as a challenging course as it requires students to analyse and apply critical thinking when answering exam questions. Nevertheless, with our very experienced teachers of 20-30 years teaching experiences; these challenges are taught vigorously and made understandable to our students. Thus, our students not only able to answer but to excel in the exam as well. As such, we are able to produce many world ranking high achievers. ”

Mohammad Ali bin Mohamad Nasrin, a semester three Cambridge A Level student at KDU College stated, “The A levels programme here at KDU is interesting because the lecturers are very engaging and able to provide equal attention to every student in the classroom which makes it very effective for learning and imparting knowledge.” He added, “The lecturers here are more like tutors as they provide a hundred percent attention to students inside and outside of the classroom. For example, they will conduct a one on one session with students in order to understand their students not just through their academic performance but also based on students’ explanation.”

According to Muhammad Syamim bin Muhammad Ismail, a semester three Cambridge A Level student at KDU College,” This programme actually develops deep and comprehensive knowledge on a particular field as it provides students with an overall view of the topics as well as the current global affairs pertaining to the subjects which they are studying.” He added, “Lecturers here are actively involved with students’ academic as they not only teach the topics holistically but also the answering techniques and tutorials session where we go through the questions together with the lecturer and then a one to one session to further improve on our answering techniques.”

Chai Yao Sheng, a semester one Cambridge A Level student at KDU College stated, “The thing I find special about KDU is their state of the art facilities such as their well – equipped library, advance computer labs and the optimum number of classroom size which encourages the students to have better interaction with lecturers and among them.” He added, “The lecturers here at KDU are very dedicated as they actually teach more than the syllabus to students. Students could easily ask questions during the class and it will be discussed thoroughly in a very relaxing manner.”

Niroshini A/P Muniandy also a semester one Cambridge A Level student at KDU College expressed, “I believe that this programme is the best to prepare the students physically and mentally before they pursue their studies in universities either locally or internationally. This programme is also unique as it offers more detailed and in depth learning experience to its students which will give us the advantage to secure the spots in top universities.” She also added, “The lecturers here at KDU are rather interesting as they utilise different teaching methods to grab the attention from students and managed to explain their topics clearly for better understanding.” The response garnered from students really demonstrated the effectiveness of the A level programme in moulding the students to be ready for higher level learning. It is important that a proper foundation is established for students to make the next step in selecting the university which they will pursue their dream.