Diversity & Inclusion Tour in Johor: Promoting Diversity and Inclusion through Interactive Session

High school students from SMK Dato’ Onn engaging with each other during the group discussion of Labelling Game. Students from SMK Dato’ Onn during showing off their origami by the results of Expressive Arts session. 
Students get their hand dirty during the canvas painting at SMK Tunku Mahmood Iskandar. Memories together with students from SMK Tunku Mahmood Iskandar. 

After the completion of the first Diversity and Inclusion Tour (DIT) at Teluk Intan, Perak on 17th and 18th July 2018, the DIT Workshop, which is organised by Student and Alumni Centre (SAC) of KDU University College under the Culturation initiative, recently went to Batu Pahat, Johor as the second destination.There were eight students whom participated in the road trip together with two SAC staffs from KDU University College.

On the 8th and 9th August 2018, the journey embarked by creating the awareness about diversity and the significance of understanding relationships between diversity, inequality and social and economic power both in Malaysia and globally. The journey continued at SMK Dato’ Onn for the first day. The Diversity and Inclusion workshop took place for 2 hours and participated by over 300 students. The students were very engaged with the activities for the whole sessions. The objective of this workshop are to propel students to critically examine their own attitudes about diverse and/or underrepresented group, to instil the spirit of embracing differences and diversity among young leaders for the future community and to help students become respectful of multitudes of cultures and community that they will interact.

The journey continued, by trying out the local Malay cuisine which is Assam Pedas Johor near the beach of Tanjung Wawasan. During the night time, the students were experiencing the night market where they shopped for some unique food of Batu Pahat and later they went to BP Walk where the place with vibrant street that has plenty of street items.The touristy vibes continues when students experiencing beautiful roof top garden at Old Street Commercial Centre. The students walked around the building while enjoying the street foods.

On the next day they went to SMK Tunku Mahmood Iskandar with over 50 students participated in the workshop. The workshop is about 2 hours. The feedback and responsed form the students were very positive. The students were served by the local cruisine of Nasi Biryani Gam Johor and Telur Pindang, the local century eggs that are most popular in Johor.

To sum up their experience on this trip, students shared their thoughts, “It was really fun and eyes opening because I got a chance to make new friends, as well as being able to contribute back to the community,” enthused Aida Syakirah, a Bachelor of Business Administration. While according to Sulthona Adam an international student from Maldives, “Language is a barrier as they hardly speaks English, but good thing that now I learned few Malay words! I enjoyed the company of young teenagers as they do not mind talking to me even though it was hard to communicate. I am glad that I joined this trip, I love trying out new things and added up to the fact that I can educate the younger generation is even wonderful”.