Diwali Gala Night 2017 Colourful Festival Celebration Mood Lit Up In KDU

ICS board members with their advisors taking a group photo with Mr Shanker (standing 3rd from right) and Ms Sharifah Azura Binti Tuan Muda (standing 1st from right), ICS club facilitator.  A colourful dance performance by KDU students and staffs. 
Traditional Indian food was served in buffet-style.  Students and staffs enjoy the fun of playing the blindfold-dance game. 
In conjunction with the celebration of Deepavali, a Sanskrit word that means ‘rows of lighted lamps’, which is also a Hindu-originated festival celebrated by the Indian community, KDU Indian Cultural Society (ICS) under the Student and Alumni Centre (SAC) had organised ‘ICS Diwali Gala Night 2017’ on 10 November 2017.

This was the premier Diwali (another term for Deepavali) celebration held in KDU under the incumbent council of ICS. Two months prior to this event, the society had been working diligently on the project, as a dedication to embrace Indian culture, besides sharing the happiness with other communities in KDU University College.

The vibrant and joyful dinner was also a fund-raising opportunity for the society as they managed to collect funds to finance the operational cost for the club; they managed to sell 60 tickets to the participating students with RM20 each. The venue of the celebration event was set at the Silent Room of KDU Student Accommodation.

Participants started to show up in their colourful traditional costumes and saree at around 6.30p.m. The event was graced by the presence of Mr Shanker A/L Sathivellu, KDU’s Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Administration.

Dinner was served in buffet-style at around 7 p.m. and a short speech was delivered by Mr Naavinraj, the President of ICS. Later on, the celebration began with a traditional performance known as ‘Kathak’. Students and staffs have enjoyed the show very much and the atmosphere was further elevated to a greater height when the organiser started off a flash mob dance towards the end of the night.
Ultimately, the organising committee was happy with the outcome of this event as the students of multiracial who attended gave positive feedbacks. According to the participants in general, besides the fun aspects, they had also enjoyed and appreciated Indian culture more, especially on the traditional Indian music and dances.