Emoji Hit Hunt Giving KDU Campus An Adrenaline Pump

The scorching hits that brought by popular radio station in Malaysia - Hitz FM, led by the ‘Hitz Morning Crew’ – Arnold, Jay and RD, had indeed fired up the citizen of KDU University College at its flagship campus in Utropolis Glenmarie, during the signature event of the year ‘Emoji Hit Hunt with KDU’, held on the 6th April 2018.

With the participation of 17 teams for the Hunt, as well as numerous students and visitors who took part in various games that facilitated by the renowned radio DJs and Live Crew, this event saw the atrium of KDU campus turned into a happening hub filled with bustling atmosphere.

For the Emoji Hit Hunt, participants need to complete challenges at 4 different stations placed around the campus by answering a series of questions. By completing each challenge, participants would receive an emoji sign. Upon collected all 4 emoji, they were then submitted them with an answer sheet. Marks were calculated based on the accuracy of answers given and also the speed of every team in completing the routes.

On top of attractive monetary rewards and also good prizes being offered, the event had been designed in such a fun and creative manner that actually drawn in many young men and women participated enthusiastically.

Finally, the announcement of the winners made by the Hitz Morning Crew held everyone’ breath on the spot.

While handling mock check to the winners who were in surprising excitement, KDU University College’s Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Hiew Pang Leang (2nd from left), together with Chief Marketing Officer Mr Sheikh Fahmy bin Sheikh Mohamed (left) shared the triumphant joy of all the winners.

Congratulation to the three teams that had performed extremely well and eventually won themselves the top prizes! 

The winners are as follows:​
Grand Prize – (with cash prize of RM1500)Bachchava Arachchige & Vabeeh Addulbaset
2nd Prize – (with cash prize of RM1000)Netasha Rose & Ken Low Ka Wei
3rd Prize – (with cash prize of RM500)Lim Yee Sien & You Po Chian