Entrepreneur Of Tomorrow: Lightbulb Startup Hub

The Grand Opening Ceremony of Lightbulb Start-up Hub. Wall of Fame for the KDU’s alumni.
A mural was painted for the Lightbulb Start-up. One for the memory, Prof Dr Hiew Pang Leang, KDU Vice Chancellor together with Pushpa Narayan and Sasha Saidin.
Entrepreneurship education programmes create great job pleasure and enhance life status. Traditionally, entrepreneurship education is defined as education that imparts skills needed to set up a new business. The new era of entrepreneurship education should be able to provide students with an understanding of a business purpose, structure and how the business interrelates with society and the economy.

In line with the objectives of moulding future entrepreneurs, KDU’s School of Business and Social Sciences (SBSS) launched Lightbulb Start-up Hub that serves as an engagement platform for students and alumni to innovate and conceptualize their business ideas. The hub offers necessary infrastructure to support innovation and collaboration of start-up community among KDU students and alumni.

The opening ceremony was associated by Prof Dr Hiew Pang Leang, Vice Chancellor of KDU, Sasha Saidin, KDU’s alumni, Pushpa Narayan, a Malaysian entrepreneur, stage performer and actress and Dr. Jenny Wong Sook Khuan, Head of School of Business & Social Sciences and Pre-University Studies.

The Grand Opening Ceremony of Lightbulb Start-up Hub today marked the commencement of new challenges with educational professionals in a creativity results from a complex interrelationship of cognitive skills, abilities, personality, motivation and the capacity of students in learning-to-learn.