Eye-Opening Sharing Session With University Of Sheffield Guest Speaker For KDU Students

Dr Louise sharing about the Malaysian and Singaporean community in Sheffield.Group photo of attendees with speaker.
It was an honour for KDU University College to be given the opportunity to host Dr Louise Glover, a law lecturer from the University of Sheffield to give a talk and conduct a sharing session with a group of KDU law students who are currently studying at KDU. The talk was held in the Black Box room at KDU University College and was attended by over 50 students from different courses which mainly comprised of University of London and Keele with a handful of students from diploma in business, diploma in culinary arts and school of creative arts respectively. The bulk of attendees were a class of law students that were brought by their lecturer to participate and listen to what an industry leader from halfway across the world had to share with them.

The main objective of this talk was to explain more on the constitutional crisis that England is currently facing as a result of Brexit. Students were educated on what triggered the decision of United Kingdom to leave the European Union. The insightful discussion which took place have not only armed the students with better understanding of the current situation but has also given them a whole new dimension of looking at certain things which is happening in life. Dr Louise also took the opportunity to promote the study prospects in the University of Sheffield, UK to the students.

The talk kick started with a short self-introduction by Dr Louise to explain a bit more on the areas in which she specialises and her topic of discussion for the day. She then took the time to talk about University of Sheffield and some of the achievements they’ve accomplished in the past. She also highlighted that there is a very close community of Malaysians and Singaporeans not only within the university but all over Sheffield.

Dr Louise later shared more about what Brexit really is and explained how the constitution is going to be affected there. In a referendum in June 2016, the majority of citizens of UK voted to leave the EU and thus, are on course to officially leave the EU sometime around March 2019. However, due to the sheer lack of manpower that UK has, Dr Louise suggests that the law of the country should not see too many changes. In terms of economic impact, all British cities are set to be affected negatively as a result of higher trade costs between the UK and EU. As of now, the currency value and economic situation are still volatile and are not expected to stabilise anytime soon.

The talk was concluded with a Q&A session which was opened to the floor in which students asked Dr Louise various questions from tuition fees and the cost of living in Sheffield, to how this transition period will affect the trade deals between UK and countries outside of Europe, and so on. All in all, students had an insightful time learning more about the changes that UK is going through in terms of the constitution and how it is affecting the country as a whole. It is hoped that sharing sessions such as this would inspire Malaysian students to widen their horizon and always keep their general knowledge about the world’s issues in check, to ensure that they are always up-to-date with the latest happenings in the world.