A Face Art Painting Workshop By KDU’s Expression Design Art Club

Ms Haneesa Abdullah, the trainer for face art painting, is conducting a training session. 
 Participants start painting their faces.
Participants listen to a step-by-step briefing by the trainer. 
 It’s a wrap! Group photo as the workshop concludes. 
On the 30th October 2017, KDU’s Expressive Design Art Club had organize a Face Art Painting workshop in conjunction with Halloween Day. The workshop was held at the Designpreneur Lab, a venue for training up future entrepreneur with arts creativity in KDU University College campus.

The objective of this event was to expose the students to express themselves through arts where they would learn techniques of mixing colour and basic skills for painting faces. The event opened to all KDU’s students and the number of participants for this event was 25 of them.

This workshop started around 2.40 p.m. on that day with a warm welcome of the trainer, Ms Haneesa Abdullah, a Freelance Makeup Artist by profession. The trainer explained each step carefully for the skull painting to the participants. She started the workshop by mixing of two colours and applying it as a base paint on the face. The president of Expressive Design Art Club herself was the model for this demonstration.

Later on, Ms Haneesa went to the next step by painting the eye area for the skull look. For the third step, she painted the nose and mouth area and continue with the next by drawing the jawline and cheek bone. At the final step, she painted the teeth of the skull and let the participants to express their creativity by adding some decorations on the face for the finishing.

According to the President of Expression Design Art, Atikah Ahmad, a Diploma in Entertainment Arts student, this is her first time organizing an event and she was very excited and felt very thankful because of the trust and opportunity that has been given to her to champion this event. The participants were very happy and enjoy the workshop very much. She also appreciated the efforts of the committee members that gave their cooperation and commitment to run this event smoothly even though this was their first club event since the club officially registered as KDU Clubs and Societies. Besides that, she hopes that this club can organize more event for the coming years and make this club established as well.

The workshop ended at 4.50 p.m. with snapping of group pictures. In a nutshell, the benefit of this workshop for the participants was that they were able to learn the basics of face art painting skills and it was indeed a new platform of experience for them to celebrate the Halloween day along with new friends from different courses. This workshop would give a great chance for KDU students to express themselves and gained some insights on innovation and creativity in whatever they want to do in future.