Face Bullying With Confidence

Student register for the workshop. Trainer is conducting the workshop on the first day.
Students are doing activity in the first workshop. End of the workshop.
It's sad but true, bullying in college is a real issue. Many people associate bullying with children and find it hard to believe that it would continue beyond high school. But even adults in higher education can find themselves the target of malicious and demeaning behaviour on the part of their peers (or even their professors).

Bullying is when a person or group deliberately tries to make someone else feel upset, scared, or ashamed. People often bully others who have any difference of behaviour, appearance, culture, race, class, ability, or identity.

To create this awareness among the students, KDU counsellors organised a workshop held by Protect and Save the Children, Association of Selangor and Kuala Lumpur. This association works with several clients whom is a victim of bully. Alex Lee, the trainer for this conducted the talked for two conservative days which is on the 23rd of May 2019 and on the 30th of May 2019 (Thursday). The workshop was held at Blackbox, KDU Damansara Jaya Campus.

The trainer had provided some new information which makes the students aware of it. The trainer did two-way communication as during the workshop, so that he would able to interact with the students. There are topics such as verbal abuse, bully in college, in workplace, as students will grew further and would work in the future. This information had created some awareness and it made back them to think whether they had unintentionally bully anyone throughout their lives or did anyone had bullied them before this. Before the first workshop ends, the trainer did some activity with the students.

Student required to sit down in a circle together with the trainer. The trainer gave real situation and let the students think how they would solve it. The second round was sharing session, where the students shared their experience been a victim of bully.

If we were to replace our zero-tolerance-for-bullying policies with this simple expression of the GR–Love your enemy (bully); be nice to people even when they are mean to you–bullying would disappear. And if we were to teach it on an international level, we might achieve peace on earth.No other way is possible. We can’t practice intolerance of bullying, hoping that it will lead to a society in which intolerance no longer exists. We can’t conduct war against other countries hoping that it will lead to a world without war.