Fitness, Culture, Sustainability and Career Exploration Makes Up the 4 Pillars of KDU Student & Alumni Centre (SAC) for 2016

KDU Sustainability KDU Career Exploration
KDU Culturation KDU Fitspiration
For 2016, the KDU Student & Alumni Centre (SAC) has four key initiatives, all aimed at guiding students to become better academically and also show how they can participate and be part of something great. Various programmes and events will be conducted in order to achieve the objectives of each initiative, namely - KDU Fitspiration, KDU Culturation, KDU Sustainability and KDU Career Exploration.
In KDU Fitspiration, the aim is to inspire fitness into students’ daily lives. Sports and exercise are vital for students, as keeping fit would not only keep their bodies in better shape but also keep their minds alert for lectures and classes. This fitness initiative will encompass all activities that will feed and boost students’ body, mind and soul. FIT Malaysia steps in as a partner in helping KDU achieve this objective, with key events such as KDU Fitspiration Day, TGIF and KDU Students Sports Development serving as vital parts of the programme that will take place over the course of the year and beyond.
KDU Culturation aspires to encourage students to have a third degree about their own culture, beliefs, norms, and understand how their culture influences the way they see the world. Diversity is a big part of who we are, especially as Malaysians, where there are so many different cultures that exist in the same society that we live in. The purpose of this initiative is to help students appreciate these differences and accept each other to become a better person for the future. In partnership with UNESCO, a major key event, KDU UNESCO International Understanding Day, will take place in KDU’s very own Utropolis Glenmarie campus. Other events to look forward to include Diversity and Inclusion Youth Camp, as well as KDU’s Cultural Exchange Programme.
Sustainability has become an important part not just for KDU, but for people all across the world. This initiative is to create awareness for students to become conscious and aware of the importance and need for sustaining the world that we live in. KDU’s Sustainability initiative will commit to the third pillar of sustainability which is the protection of the environment. Some of the campus-wide programmes that will be taking place includes KDU Green Vision (a photo competition) and KDU Sustainability Day. KDU will be taking on a partnership with WWF to help better conserve the world that we live in today.

KDU Career Exploration is an initiative that will help future graduates in KDU explore the process of choosing a training or job that fits their interests, skill and abilities to build their lifelong career. KDU’s Career Exploration initiative will also help students obtain transfers to their university of choice all across the world. Together in partnership with Graduan and TalentCorp, students will be able to find greater opportunities to explore their dreams further through events such as Global Career Placement Services Fair, Industry Engagements as well as Career Enrichment Talks. The aim is to garner each student’s passion and helping them become successful no matter what career path they aim to pursue.
Each of these four initiatives play a vital role in shaping the lives of the students – ensuring they hit the ground running, and at the same time, become a socially-responsible member of the world we live in.