Fitspiration Series: For Your Imagination

The upcoming activities. Art and play therapist, Ms. Anne Majid.
Students participating in the activities. Group photo of participants with Ms. Anne Majid.
Ever wonder how art could be a form of therapy? In one of the initiatives by our counsellor, we invited an art therapist, Ms. Anne Majid to conduct an art therapy session with our students. Ms. Anne has been conducting art therapy and play therapy with individuals and groups for the past 7 years.
Expressive Arts Therapy is usually used to help a person to express their feelings or dealings of emotions. In this ‘For Your Imagination’ session, 22 students registered as participation.

Anne introduced a few activities for the students. The main activities of this event which is to help them to understand emotions better. Students has been asked to draw a different types of emotions. This activity helped students to understand people experience emotions differently. Hence, everyone will experience the different emotions at different point of time. Another activity is to let the participants reflect on what they are experiencing and their priorities in life.

Students shared the fun and at the same time getting to know themselves better throughout the activities. More activities and events will be run throughout the year for our fitspiration series, including anti-bullying workshops and suicide prevention workshops.