Free Yourself Carnival By KDU Students A Testimony Of Successful Real World Event Management Training

Visiting-students from Sekolah Seri Cahaya, REAL Education Group taking part in MHTC’s ‘Share My Love’ campaign, which runs parallel with the showcase of KDU’s Entrepreneurial Design studies. Participants for ‘Share My Love’ campaign presenting their hand-crafted heart shape design to show their support towards this initiative.
Facilitated by KDU students, visitors beyond the campus get to experience what it is like for radio station to operate at one of the carnival station.  Talented students performing and entertaining bystanders with their mini concert.
To acquire excellent organisational abilities, young students need to have a good training module to equip themselves with creative thinking, effective pitching ideas, variety of promotional techniques and strong leadership skills, in order to be able to coordinate teams that could work together to accomplish a goal. All of these elements have been put into test by the Event Management class for Bachelor of Communication (Hons), KDU University College on 24 July 2017, whereby 72 students from this class flexed their muscles by presenting a flamboyant yet engaging ‘Free Yourself Carnival’, an event filled with fun yet educational elements, at KDU flagship campus in Utropolis Glenmarie, Shah Alam.

“This event organised by our Event Management students - they are senior communication students in their 1st and 2nd semester of third-year studies,” introduced the acting head of School of Communication and Creative Arts (SCCA), Mr Loo Chong Hang.

‘FYS’ for ‘Free Yourself’ carried the idea of taking a short break, unwind oneself by embracing the free and easy atmosphere put up by the organiser in between 10am to 5pm. In this colourful and festive-like event, the participants could acquire some technical know-how on broadcasting, photography, theatrical creative arts and so on. For those who are keen on thrilling activities, they could enter the ‘Haunted house’, ‘Shoot Your Way’ and ‘Escape Room’, as part of the many play stations set.

In the Design Lab, there was a ‘Share My Love Campaign’, an initiative that had relevance with the aspect of designing which was arranged by the organiser in collaboration with Malaysia Healthcare and Tourism Council (MHTC).
There were numerous activities carried out which fully utilised all the facilities on campus such as the TV production and photography studios, radio production and recording studio, radio broadcasting studio, the Black Box as well as the spacious atrium, that were facilitated by the students themselves with the help of other six student-volunteers from Diploma in Mass Communications programme to operate the real industrial grade facilities.

By showcasing SCCA facilities to the public and walk-in potential students, the organiser hoped to spark the curiosity or interest of the programme among the visitors. On that day, the event had drawn a fair number of secondary and Pre University students that accumulated nearly 360 participants in total. The visiting-crowd included students from Sekolah Seri Cahaya, REAL Education Group, ELC Summer Camp Students from Kazakhstan and many more.

In organising this event, 72 students of Event Management class were grouped into divisions based on different job roles – finance and administration; people engagement; logistics; writers and designers; marketing and publicity team, where they were led by seven event directors that looked after them and escorted as a whole.

Phung Yi Jun, one of the event directors who led the finance and administrative team recalled, “What I have learned throughout this event is managing people. I must know the strengths, weaknesses of my teammates, and move together to reach our ultimate goal. One of the essence that I acquired is how to resolve conflicts effectively, and make sure everyone on the right track.”

According to Phung, her most satisfying experience was hitting their goal of getting sponsorships and witnessing the event happened before her eyes. “We have no budget to do anything at all, however, I remained positive and pushed my teammates and myself to call out more potential sponsors. Finally, the money started pouring in, more and more companies accepted our proposal!” she said.

Whereas for Rachel Yeap Shuen Yii, the event director and leader for marketing and publicity team opined, “I have never had 72 crews for an event and there were definitely some challenges but we managed to overcome it. I have learned how to divide tasks and have trust in people. The most satisfying experience I have gained is to see all of us supporting one another.”

For Event Management class students as a whole, getting positive feedback from participants and lecturers made them feel appreciated. Needless to say, strength and skills they developed even before graduation will definitely be useful and pragmatic when they enter into the real world in future.  

Reflecting on how her students have managed to put up the show, Ms Syahida binti Johan, SCCA Lecturer in Department of Communication and Media Studies said, “The success was created from teamwork, dedication and commitment. Even though there were a lot of doubts and hesitancy, but the class did not take heed and move forward throughout. The participants were excited with the activities we offered and we also allowed them to see the campus in a fun and dramatic way. Safe to say, it was a success and I am so happy and so proud of the class for pulling it off, despite it all!”