Freshies’ Night 2016

The Japanese students enjoying their meal. A group of freshmen trying to solve one of the games to get the next clue that brings them one step closer to who the killer is.
Another group of freshmen trying their best to solve one of the games to get the next clues.  The winners of the Freshies’ Night 2016.
Organised twice a year by the Student Alumni Centre and Student Council of KDU University College & KDU College, Freshies’ Night is the night for all freshmen to get together and to know each other, enjoy a marvelous meal and also enjoy the entertainment lined-up for the night.
This year, the KDU Freshies’ Night took a slightly different twist, not least because Japanese students from the Tezukayama Gakuin University in Osaka, Japan, who were here on a 2-week visit, also joined in the fun. But also because the theme for this year was a night shrouded with mystery, curiosity and origami. The theme ‘The Case of the Origami Killer’ sees a serial killer (fictitious, of course!) leaving his trademark, an origami, after committing a murder. And what do the freshies have to do? Solve the mystery, of course! How do they undertake this grievous task? Like one who watches one too many episodes of CSI or completely rogue like, say, Dexter? Only time will tell….
On Freshies Night, the wannabe-detectives/students entered the hall with feelings of trepidation and excitement, to what looked no less like a crime scene, complete with a dead body at a corner (also fake). There were game booths, decorated like a crime-solving simulation game. Each separate game booth represented one type of origami. The killer has committed seven murders, hence the seven origamis - crane, butterfly, rabbit, bat, fortune, heart and fallen bird. The game includes seven different stages in total, with games that required a lot of logic and also linkage to whom the serial killer was, such as the Whisper Game, Detective Deduction, Match Stick Puzzle, Brain Trivia, One-Liner, Reconstruct the Silhouette, and Unblock Me. Students, working in groups, had to collect seven clues in order to identify the murderer. All the groups, including the Japanese students, were full of enthusiasm and teamwork, as the top three will be given prizes. Japanese student Kana said that the games were difficult but she had fun playing it.
Freshie Khairy said that the entire ambiance, mood and decoration of the night gave him mixed feelings – curiosity and lively, which is why he felt that Freshies Night 2016 was an intriguing one and definitely a night to remember.
The purpose of having the games were to let the freshies have fun and make new friends, whilst boosting the students’ thinking skills and let them know that if you look at things at a different perspective, there will be more possibilities. Every Freshies’ Night carries a different theme and the upcoming Freshies’ night will be held in September 2016 with even more excitement and intriguing events.