A fun-filled and eye-opener educational trip for high school and KDU Hospitality students

Students letting their creativities and artistic talents run wild as they attempt to create an outstanding batik design. Some of the KDU’s SHTCA students (in black shirt) and SMK Seksyen 7 students in action during their cat fish catching ‘competition’ activity.
SMK Seksyen 7 students busy cleaning up the surroundings of Surau Al Huda as part of their corporate social responsibility activity at Kuala Selangor. Thank you for the wonderful and memorable educational trip, till we meet again next time.
KDU’s School of Hospitality, Tourism and Culinary Arts (SHTCA) had recently organised an educational field trip to Kuala Selangor as part of the Education Ministry’s requirement for the Entry Point Projects (EPP) 10 initiatives of building a hospitality and tourism discipline cluster.
While the main objective of the field trip was to explore the environment of the hospitality industry and homestay environment in Malaysia, more specifically within the Kuala Selangor areas, the trip was also meant to expose the participants to activities outside of their school environment and take them away from their normal day-to-day activities.
The organised trip was also in line with the Malaysia Centre for Tourism and Hospitality Education (MyCenTHE)’s aims of improving the quality of tourism and hospitality education through collaborative partnership between domestic public and private sectors.
An entourage of 84 students, teachers and lecturers from both KDU and SMK Seksyen 7, Shah Alam, embarked on this fun-filled, entertaining and educational trip, held earlier this month. Prior to departing to Kuala Selangor for their two-day educational trip, students from SMK Seksyen 7 had gathered at KDU Utropolis Glenmarie campus for a short briefing pertaining to KDU as well as the programmes offered by the higher learning institution.
After the briefing, students from both institutions were divided into their respective groups to which they would be required to conduct group activities together.
Upon arriving in Kuala Selangor after two-and-a-half-hour journey through scenic views of green paddy fields, students from both institutions were briefed on some of the activities they would be taking part in for the next two days.
First up, the batik drawing colouring activity. Each of the students was given different designs of batik drawing and was told to colour the batik using their individual creativity. The students’ artistic talents can be clearly seen as the students painted and mixed the colour palette so that their design stood out from their peers.
Moving forward to the second activity of the day, the students were given a makeshift kite each and were then brought to an open space so that they could fly their kite as high as possible. The students enjoyed this activity very much, as it was something rarely done by them considering the lack of open spaces available in city areas or their housing neighbourhood. There were also lots of chatters and laughter among the group as they tried various methods to ensure their kite could fly high up in the sky.
After some fun-filled kite experience, the students headed back to the main hall for some light refreshment before the next activity. They were divided into two different group according to their learning institutions. The groups competed to catch as many cat fish as they possible can within the stipulated time frame.
The thought of it being in a competition between two institutions was forgotten as soon as the whistle was blown as all the participants worked together and assisted each other throughout the activity. Those who did not took part also helped out in the process by cheering their peers and counterparts. After catching the fishes, the ‘mud covered students’ proceeded to a nearby ‘palung’ (local man-made water management system for paddy field) to shower and clean off the mud.
After the exhausting activities ended, the students were brought to their chalets to rest and shower before the much awaited activity of the evening, firefly expedition. The students were awed with the swarm of fireflies lighting up the dark mangrove like little light bulbs. It was truly an amazing experience for all.
Next morning, after breakfast, the students were given the opportunity to conduct some exploration around the nearby paddy field on their own. While some went to explore and interviewed the local folks to understand more about the tourism industry in Kuala Selangor, one group of students took part in a mass cleaning or ‘gotong-royong’ activity at a nearby mosque and surrounding areas.
Commenting on the educational trip, SMK Seksyen 7 teacher Santy Salasiah Ibrahim said that the field trip provided a good exposure to the high school students in terms of going back to nature and thus, making them more disciplined and conscious of the environment around them.
“It is a good effort from KDU to organise such educational corporate social responsibility activities and to incorporate this in their programme,” she added upon returning from the trip.
She also suggested that CSR programme should be held annually between high schools and higher learning institutions in the country as it would foster close relationship between them.
Meanwhile, KDU lecturer and advisor for the programme Datin Puteri Julie felt that hands on activities outside of the classroom provides a more wholesome learning experience for students at all levels.
In summary, it was truly an eye-opener for the students as they are taken out of their daily comfort zone to try new and exciting local Malaysian activities.