Game Dev Student Impressed Industry Players With Monstrous Creativity At Jingle Mingle 2017

Jingle Mingle, a signature annual event in KDU, a great venue in channelling the new talents in games development from the campus right up to the real world. The game community get good networking opportunity in Jingle Mingle, the end-of-year event which bridging up the academia and industry amidst the celebration atmosphere of Christmas. 
Jingle Mingle 2017 also featuring an art and design gallery which put up by the foundation students with their best assignment project across the year. Mr Alitt Khaliq (left), the successful Malaysian Game Art personality who is currently working with Electronic Arts (EA), Sweden as an Art Director, posing with Mr Tan Chin Ike, Head of School of Computing and Creative Media. 
Driven by a brand new concept of the theme ‘Destructive Duo’, students from KDU University College’s home-grown Game Development Degree Programme, not only demonstrated their monstrous creativity in gaming content creations but eventually impressed Game Dev industry players during their annual end-of-year Student Industry Showcase – Jingle Mingle 2017.

Held on 8 December 2017 in KDU’s main campus at Utropolis Glenmarie, this event posed as a great venue in channelling the new talents from the campus right up to the real world. This year, the School of Computing and Creative Media (SCCM) showcased more than 30 games for PC and Mobile gadgets while hosting numerous visiting guests from the industry.

“We are showcasing all project-based games made within 2017 in hopes the visitors might be interested to know the people behind these games,” said Mr Yee I-Van, the Head of Special Projects, Creative Media Department of SCCM.

Amidst the strong festive atmosphere of Christmas at that moment, the organiser had masterly altered this event into a mingling or networking opportunity among the game development community, as good food was served in creating a free and easy meeting point that smoothly bridging up the academia and industry.

“We have got 40 plus students looking for an internship and more than 25 graduates looking for full-time employment ranging from Game Artists, Designers to Programmers. Hence, we are hoping to give them a chance in mingling with the game industry players here, so that they could look up for any opportunity being offered,” continued Yee and explained this is part of SCCM’s on-going efforts in exploring employment opportunities for the graduates.

As for the game companies and studios, Jingle Mingle is no doubt a perfect pool of fresh talents. Here, they can easily source for young mind among the newly groomed game developers.
During the show staged at the computer labs and game labs, there were many presentation time slots been scheduled in between 4p.m. to 7p.m. This was where the event saw graduates and internship batches did their project presentations before their potential employers and industry players who came from established game development companies. Very often, the presenters were being asked questions pertaining to the ideas in their creative works.  

Mr Alitt Khaliq, the successful Malaysian Game Art personality who is now working with Electronic Arts (EA), Sweden as Art Director for ‘Need for Speed Payback’, the 23rd title in the street racing series, was also one of the invited guests of Jingle Mingle 2017. “Being here is to show that I am interested in the things the students work hard on. In fact, they are in a great place to learn and to grow. In KDU, they have a lot of good lecturers and friends who can help them in academic and in industry,” said Alitt.

As for game producer Mr Alex Ong Chee Ren, he was aiming to look for 3 interns of game art, game design and game technology studies. “We will observe the performance of these students during their 3 months internship with us. If they have performed well, we will certainly take them in as permanent staffs,” said Ong.  

On the side lines, the event featured an art and design gallery which put up by the foundation students with their best assignment project across the year. There was also a Tabletop-Game Playtest Corner been set that allowed the partakers try out their designed games.

According to the Global Games Market Report released by market intelligence firm Newzoo, 2.2 billion gamers across the globe are expected to generate $108.9 billion in game revenues in 2017. This represents an increase of $7.8 billion, or 7.8% from the year before. This booming industry definitely needs a great influx of upcoming talents from the training ground like SCCM in KDU.

“As we always maintaining good relationship with the game companies through networking, that’s why we continue this tradition to help students reaching out to the real world upon graduation,” said Yee and he further elaborated, with aims to groom up graduates who are skilled in production processes and are aware of what is needed to produce successful games, the academic team in SCCM are actively involved in the industry and are experts in their respective fields.