A Game Extravaganza By KDU Games And Anime Youth Association Club

A stage performance by the Project Eg@o.  The Doujin booths. 
Cosplay judges judging during the cosplay competition. Gamers participating in a games competition.
KDU’s Games and Anime Youth Association Club has recently organised ‘GameSquare’ on the 14 to 15 October 2017 at its state-of-the-art campus in Utropolis Glenmarie. The event has brought many game enthusiasts from around the states and provided an enjoyable yet eye-opening experience with a mix of eastern and western entertaining treats.

‘GameSquare’ is basically an extravaganza event that showcases the elements of video games with a combination of cosplay and game exhibition, which not only garnered participation from KDU students but also the general public to form up a greater game community.

During these two days, there were heart-pumping performances by both local and overseas guests.  There was also an attractive and fun cosplay workshop that took place in the ‘black box’, the performing art studio in KDU, with the purpose of educating the participants on what cosplaying is all about.

In making it more fun and engaging, the organiser had actually arranged a ‘hands-on’ session where the participants were able to make their own costumes and props for the cosplay. There was also a Q&A session with a panel of renowned cosplay photographer.

The event spiced up with performances on the stage, where the idol groups that came all the way from Japan gave an energetic performance to hyped the crowd and interact with the fans.

On the other hand, there were games in different forms, be it gaming contents, tabletop game, game console and et cetera being displayed at the event. A console camp, where visitors are allowed to play on the PS4 for free, had also been added to the event’s itinerary.

Apart from that, there were also a LAN party, 1 vs 1 competition for League of Legends and a lucky draw session to keep the crowd glued on their seats and entertained.  

The closing ceremony was on the second day where all the performers gathered up together for the finale and rocked more than 300 visitors, which majority of them were external participants who purposely came for the competitions and also to see their favourite idols.

Facilitated by KDU’s Student and Alumni Centre (SAC), this event had also offered the students an opportunity to wind down themselves after working so hard for their busy study schedule, assignments and also examinations.