Loo Vit Binn (from left) and Cheah Zhang Quan, seeking consultation on engineering course from Dr Jonathan K.H. Shek, Chancellor’s Fellow of the School of Engineering, The University of Edinburgh.
 Prof. Dr. Hiew Pang Leang, Vice Chancellor of KDU University College (left) greeting an exhibitor from Cambridge Education Group.
Global Career Placement Services (GCPS) Education Fair 2017: United Kingdom, exposes students to various universities in UK.
In ensuring its pre-university and foundation studies students secure their ideal university placement in the United Kingdom, KDU’s Student and Alumni Centre (SAC) recently organised the “Education Fair 2017: United Kingdom” through its Global Career Placement Services (GCPS) at its Damansara Jaya campus.

Held on 21st March 2017, this event drew a sizable crowd who visited the fair to explore opportunities studying in UK. There were 40 UK universities that came together under one roof, showcasing a variety of programmes offered to students. Renowned universities include University of Edinburgh, University of Manchester, Nottingham Trent University, University of Sheffield, University of Reading, King’s College London and the list goes on.

“Global Career Placement Services is a one stop centre for students to enquire information through our close relationship with our partners and university partners. Events that are related to university placement and internship or career placement will be managed by GCPS that falls into one of our key initiative – Career Exploration,” explained Mitchell Liong Chee Chiun, Senior Manager, Student and Alumni Centre at KDU.

The GCPS at KDU offers its students services in terms of internship and career placement, as well as university placement. Through its internship and career placement services, KDU students can seek career counselling and advices, participate in career enhancement workshops to increase their employability rate, attend job matching services, internship briefings and such. On the other hand, the university placement service functions as one stop service centre for any university transfers, offering students help and guidance in transfer processes as well.

“The objective of this UK education fair is to expose our students to various universities in the United Kingdom. With this, students will have more choices to further their studies abroad. It serves as a hassle-free one stop centre for university transfers. KDU students will be briefed on and guided through the procedures on what to expect, so they can be fully prepared for their trip,” continued Liong.

Events and fairs such as this also allows KDU to mutually collaborate and strengthen partnerships with universities in the United Kingdom, which in turn, benefits KDU students.
“I want to see as many students as possible, especially those who are interested applying to our college. As our entry requirements are quite high, therefore, I would expect to see good quality students. It is good that students come to do some research and find out as much as they can over here,” said Francine Dawson, King’s College International Officer who is based in Malaysia.

“During the exhibition, there are no particular programmes that we emphasise on. We are looking for students who are interested in any of the programmes that we offer, which comprise of environmental sciences, architecture, art and design, art and humanities, business, education, law, science and technology and social science,” explained Rachel Knutton, Senior Regional Manager, International Development Office of Nottingham Trent University.

Cheah Zhang Quan and Loo Vit Binn, both KDU students who are currently pursuing their Cambridge GCE A Level studies, explored the exhibition floor together, aiming for Mechanical Engineering programmes provided by the various universities at the event.

“My expectation for today is to have more information about study life in the UK, although I am not quite sure of which university I want to aim for, thus I would like to explore more in this education fair,” said Loo. “During my round, I found more options offered by the UK universities although I was initially aiming for Imperial College to pursue Mechanical Engineering,” added Cheah.