Hiking At Wawasan Hill, Puchong

Wawasan Hill is a square of greenery shown on a satellite image of the Greater
Kuala Lumpur Area.
 Students made themselves comfortable by stretching and enjoying the fresh air.
The steepness of the ascends. Group photos of KDU Student Accommodation, RAs and staff at the waterfall Wawasan Hill Puchong.
There’s something inherently lame about explaining the health benefits of hiking. Mainly because the reasons most of us love hiking go way beyond the health rewards. Nature is one of the few places where you can let go of technology and be completely in the moment. Hiking boasts all of the classic health benefits you get from most cardio exercises. It improves blood pressure, lowers your risk of heart disease, decreases cholesterol, and helps control your weight.

Resident Ambassadors (RA) of KDU Student Accommodation recently organised an extreme outing trip to Wawasan Hill in Puchong. The main objective of the excursion trip is to explore the environment of the wonderful wood nature and at the same time spending time together amongst the resident. The trip was also meant to expose the residents to the activities outside of their classroom and challenge their self-esteem to respect the nature.

A group of 25 residents including RAs and Accommodation staffs boarded on this fun-filled adventure on 29th June 2019. After 40mins journey, we arrived at the foothill of Wawasan Puchong or formally known as Ayer Hitam Forest Reserve which is managed by Universiti Putra Malaysia and governed by Selangor Forestry Department.
The trail started from the point next to Persiaran Bukit.At the same time, safety briefing was conducted. They been divided into 2 groups to make all the Ras easy to monitor and control the hiking movement.

They reached the peak point at 9.40am and it took them one hour and 20 minutes. After going through the exhausted activities, the students relaxed and had fun in the water before going down Wawasan Hill at 11am.

Fortunately, hiking is one of the easiest and least-expensive sports to get involved in, and it’s fun and beneficial for the whole family and friend. So, the next time you reach the top of a hill at the end of a dirt path, pause to admire the view and appreciate all you’re doing for your health and happiness.