Inspiring Young Minds To Venture In Design And Creative Industries As Entrepreneurs

Participants presenting their ideas in the Entrepreneurship Strategy Challenge session Photo shoot with the second runner up winner, SMK Bandar Utama Damansara 2
All smiles for the 1st runner up winner, Sekolah Seri Bestari Team B Proud moment for the overall champion of the Young Designpreneur Challenge 2017, Sekolah Seri Bestari Team A 
Burgeoning young minds are especially valuable in the field of entrepreneurship where we constantly in search of new ideas to offer innovative solutions for the consumers. With the aim to nurture young Malaysians to build their career as a designer and entrepreneur, KDU University College’s School of Communication & Creative Arts (SCCA) has organised Young Designpreneurs Challenge on the 22 July 2017 at its flagship campus located at Utropolis, Glenmarie. The theme for this year event is, “Design & Build Chair with Recycled Materials.”

The Young Designpreneurs Challenge 2017 is KDU’s School of Communication & Creative Arts annual signature event that involved secondary school students, comprised of two stages of competition such as constructing chair by using recycled materials and Entrepreneurship Strategy Challenge where they competed in an open category competition to claim the grand prize of RM 2,000 for the champion, RM 1, 500 for the 1st runner up, and RM 1, 000 for the second runner up. The adjudicators for the competition were the Academic Department Head, KDU’s Department of Creative Arts, Pouline Koh Chai Lin, KDU’s SCCA Senior Lecturer, Wong Su Cheong and experts from the furniture industry, the Managing Director of Timeless Design, Jessis Ng and the Sales Manager of Timeless Design, Goh Boon Sin. There were six groups in the competition, representing five different schools with one school sending in two groups to participate in the competition namely Sekolah Seri Bestari with Team A and Team B, SMK Bandar Utama Damansara 2, SMK TTDI Jaya, SMK Methodist ACS, and SMK Bandar Seri Damansara.

The event kicked off with a welcoming speech by Wong Su Cheong followed by the presentation of the final prototypes by the contestants where they showcase their creative and innovative ideas in building chairs made of recycled materials. The event later progressed into a talk session delivered by Goh where he shared some insights to the participants on what they should include in their final team presentation and his wealth of experience having delved in business industry for many years. It was a wonderful opportunity for the students to take part in the sharing session as they were also able to ask questions on how to venture into this challenging industry.

According to Goh, “The process to conceptualise a product design and to market, it is not rocket science; but to synchronise them authentically yet impactful is an art.” He also added, “Every student who wished to become an entrepreneur should be willing to start somewhere and get rewarded by striving to overcome the challenges in order to be successful.” It is important for younger generations to realise that it is the effort that they put in that counts, before getting the right reward in tandem with their determination to be a successful entrepreneur.

“Graduates nowadays require the skill to convince the employers, likewise knowing how to brand themselves at what they are really good at,” said Wong. He also mentioned, “Your first job is not about how much you can make nor is it about your skill set but it is about your personality.” It is essential that the hiring manager finds someone who can gel well with the current existing team to ensure the optimum level of productivity will be achieved for the organisation.

Ensuing the talk session by the panel judges, contestants were given time to prepare for their second round of the competition. The participants vigorously prepared for the team presentation and gather around to discuss with their teammates on their entrepreneurship strategy to win the hearts of the panel judges.

 Soon after the final presentation has ended, the announcement of the winners of the competition was made where Sekolah Seri Bestari Team A crowned as the champion, followed by the first runner up which was Sekolah Seri Bestari Team B, and the second runner up secured by SMK Bandar Utama Damansara 2. The competition ended with a group photo session and it is hoped that the value of entrepreneurship spirit and creative designer remained in hearts of the contestants as they develop themselves to face the real world challenges waiting for them outside.