Institut Aminuddin Baki Choose KDU As A Benchmark Organization For Leadership

Group photo of the Educational Visit by Institut Aminuddin Baki.
 KDU’s Vice Chancellor, Dr Hon delivered her speech on leadership skills that being imposed in KDU.
 The future school leaders with a full hope and understanding in the 21st century leadership.
 Token of appreciation from IAB to KDU management.
KDU was a chosen organisation to be reference for the National Professional Qualification Education Leaders Program (NPQL) from Institut Aminuddin Baki (IAB), Genting Highlands. The purpose of this visit from 20 soon to be a principal in school are about the dynamic leadership.

The leaders assume a wide range of roles to support school and student success. Whether these roles are assigned formally or shared informally, they build the entire school's capacity to improve. It is vibrant that the ability to lead efficiently relies on a number of key skills, but also that different leaders have very different characteristics and styles.

Whether or not leadership itself can be taught, there is no question that there are a number of core skills that most good leaders have.

Strategic school building leadership is important because education in the 21st century is a new edge, and 21st century learners are a new breed. 21st Century school leaders willingly face the challenging task of preparing new generations. The key skills for a leader in 2018 include teamwork, high EQ, and focus.

According to Dr Hon in her speech for the participants, it is a crucial for managing yourself, and managing others in this era of learning. This allows the young minds to understand and be approachable to your own needs and the needs of individuals around you. It fosters message and co-operation, which is the path to unlocking collective genius.  

A school leader shares the vision of the school, aligns his or her professional goals with those of the school and district, and shares responsibility for the success of the school as a whole.Most of all, building dealings is about authenticity, and genuinely connecting with people in a way that creates a familiar feeling, and a sense of community. A good leader will value relationships, and will actively work to build one-on-one associations as well as fostering healthy relationships.