KDU’S Bachelor of Accounting (Hons) programme provides you academic and Professional Qualifications

Goh Yee Ai (from left) Tay Soo Teng are both bright and diligent students from KDU’s accounting degree programme. Lecturer and student ratio for Bachelor of Accounting (Hons) studies in KDU University College is perfect for more interaction.
Set your sights on becoming a professional accountant, and wondering if you should pursue a professional qualification or a degree? Why not both? If becoming an ACCA Chartered accountant is in your sights and you’d also like to pursue a bachelor’s degree programme, then KDU University College’s Bachelor of Accounting (Hons) is your best way to get there.

Offered by KDU’s School of Business, the Bachelor of Accounting (Hons) programme is a collaboration with global professional accounting body, the Association of Charted Certified Accountants (ACCA). It serves as a double-edged sword for students, enabling them to earn two qualifications; an Accounting degree as well as Certified Accountant!

According to Dr. Ng Mei-Leng, Head of the School of Business (SOB) at KDU University College, the Bachelor of Accounting (Hons) programme is the quickest and most sensible choice in ensuring students experience a seamless journey towards earning an internationally-recognised professional qualification.

“Students are able to complete the ACCA Fundamentals (9 papers) within the first two years of their studies, and their final year will be spent covering the syllabus of ACCA Professionals (5 papers). After graduation, they are welcome back to the campus, participating in a 1-year special revision classes on free-of-charge basis, arranged by the SOB and KDU College’s Professional Accountancy Centre (PAC), in order to prepare them for 3 essential ACCA Professional level exams,” stated Dr. Ng.

 “Practically, students are able to complete ACCA’s 9 Foundation papers within 3 years of the Bachelor of Accounting (Hons) programme. KDU’s dedicated lecturers are the key resources in helping students optimise their performance,” she added.

Dr. Ng’s statement is affirmed by Tay Soo Teng, a Year-3 student of the programme. “I like the lecturers here as they are open to students - welcoming our questions and attending to our needs. Besides having extensive discussion with us during tutorial and consultation hours, our lecturers are also willing to disclose their private contact channels for any ad hoc inquiry from us.”

After completing her diploma programme in KDU, Tay decided to continue with the Bachelor of Accounting (Hons) by using credit transfer. “As my ultimate goal is to work as an accountant or auditor, I want to safeguard every step on my study path. That’s where my decision in obtaining a degree prior to getting ACCA qualification came from,” she explained.

“From the way I see it, my degree is my ‘safety net’, as I am aware that getting full passes in all 5 Professional ACCA papers is not an easy task. I would rather start working, with a accountancy degree in my resume, before studying ACCA on a part-time basis, as this will help me in becoming a full-fledge accountant one step at a time. After all, real world working experience will eventually help me score well in ACCA papers,” Tay explained.

Year-2 student Goh Yee Ai said that she chose the Bachelor of Accounting (Hons) at KDU as it offers internal examination, which simulates Professional ACCA papers and will give her opportunities to familiarise with the board examination prior to the actual ones.
“I want to obtain an academic qualification before I become an ACCA-accredited member, as I may want to further my studies to postgraduate and doctorate level after completing my 5 Professional papers in ACCA exams. This programme helps me to kill two birds with one stone and is actually helpful in achieving my dreams,” added Goh.

As Goh works part-time daily to support herself, she needs to optimise her time and study smart by paying full attention to the lectures, as well as work diligently in study groups, which she finds effective in helping her to clearly grasp what have been taught. 

“KDU provides us with countless resources to achieve our goals. SOB subscribes to major business and finance newspapers from overseas, which equips us with general knowledge of the business world and ultimately help us to do well in ACCA’s case study writing exams,” she said.

At KDU University College, students who have successfully completed the Bachelor of Accounting (Hons) will be awarded the degree parchment, followed by another certificate when they complete the Foundation and Professional ACCA exam papers.