KDU’s Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Banking and Finance prepare industry-ready graduates in meeting the needs of new economy

The B.A. (Hons) in Banking and Finance educates students about key banking financial concept, and the know-how of assessing and matching financial needs with suitable financial products.  School leavers with a knack for numbers, and who can grasp and learn new concepts very quickly will be most suited to pursue the B.A. (Hons) in Banking and Finance.  KDU offers a balance of core and broadening skills in moulding talents who are ready for the global market. 
With the aspiration to be a high value-added and high income economy by year 2020, Malaysia will witness the increased importance of existing financial institution. In an overview of the 10-year Blueprint, Bank Negara reported that financial sector contribution to nominal GDP is expected to grow from 8.6 percent in 2010 to between 10 - 20 percent by 2020. 

The emergence of a new range of financial institution in the next five to ten years will demand, Ceteris Paribus, the growth and development of human capital. According to Bank Negara, this catalyst will see an estimated need for an additional work force of 56,000 by 2020. Areas that will react to a surge of talents include risk management, wealth management, Islamic finance, investment advisory services and so on. 

Traditionally, career opportunities in financial organisations, such as banks and insurance companies in the country have always been narrow in vertical forms. As the financial industry evolves, many of these financial institutions have started to make a breakthrough by offering financial planning service to their clients. As compared to the existing services, future financial planning is much more challenging as the professionals require knowledge, skills, positive attitude and perseverance. 

According to the views of Chief Financial Officers surveyed in the report Future Pathways to Financial Leadership, tomorrow’s finance chiefs will need deeper business acumen balanced with core finance understanding gained from a broader finance and business discipline. As such, the School of Business (SOB) at KDU University College is proud to introduce its latest programme, the Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Banking and Finance, geared to develop human capital and mould future talents according to this prospect. 

According to Dr. Ng Mei Leng, Head of the School of Business, “Besides studying various core business subjects such as management, economics, accounting, company law, students will be gaining insights of the specialised area of banking and finance.”

The finance and banking industry encompasses a broad range of businesses that manage money and investment, and this is one of the key industry that drives the global economics. In moulding students to fit themselves into the finance and banking line, Dr. Ng elaborated, “KDU’s home-grown Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Banking and Finance programme is designed to prepare graduates to be ready for the industry.”

The Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Banking and Finance educates students about key banking financial concepts, the know-how of assessing and matching the financial needs of organisations and individuals to suitable financial products, while giving them the skills to manage finance in institutional settings, such as bank or investment houses. 

“To prepare students who are set to embark on the various aspects of financial services, including banking, international finance, economics and law, this programme will help them gain a good mastery of the knowledge, skills and ethics necessary in the financial services industry. On top of that, they will acquire a clear understanding of the internal operations of banks and other financial institutions,” Dr. Ng continued.

Characteristically, this programme is suited for students who possess a knack for numbers, who can grasp and learn new concepts very quickly, with the right attitude and ready to work under pressure. 

Specialisation in banking and finance will increase business graduates’ scope of career options. A graduate of this programme will see a wide range of career options, be it in retail line, finance companies, banking or insurance institutions, government sectors, multinational corporations and such. Upon completion of studies, graduates can even begin as self-employed financial planners, stockbrokers, lease finance experts for a small start-up, entrepreneurs running their own business, investment managers for a large financial corporation and so on. 

The Bachelor of Arts (Hons)in Banking and Finance, offered at the School of Business, KDU University College, is currently open for enrolment. 

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