KDU’s Performing Arts Club Achieves 1st Runner Up Title In Watch Me Whip - Dance Competition

Group photo of the top 6 finalists in the Watch Me Whip Dancing Competition 2017. Group photo of the Performing Arts Club together after the competition ended.
Whitephelz posing with their 1st Runner up prize in Watch Me Whip Dance Competition. Blackphelz showcasing their 1st set choreography on stage.
Members of the KDU Performing Arts Club (PARTs) have made KDU proud yet again as they struck another title as the 1st runner-up in the ‘Watch Me Whip’ dance competition 2017 on the national stage to prove their talent .The dance competition was a nationwide dancing contest which is organised by INTI International University, Nilai at its Multipurpose Hall on 14 June 2017.

The competition comprised of 10 teams with representatives from various universities in Malaysia. KDU sent two teams, Blackphelz and Whitephelz, with student dancers from various programmes such as Diploma in Entertainment Arts, Diploma in Business Administration, Diploma in Mass Communication and Bachelor of Hospitality Management. Blackphelz achieved the highest score during the first round and wowed the panel of judges with their synchronization and dance attitude as well as their team spirit. Both teams made their way up to Top 6, which enabled them to compete with other more experienced and skilful groups in the final round.

In the final round of the competition, Whitephelz managed to secure the 1st runner up spot after delivering a ground-breaking performance and interesting choreography for the crowd and the judges. According to the team leader of Whitephelz, Hui Jing Yee, a Diploma in Business Administration student, “The Whitephelz choreography concept is inspired by the storyline of the characters from the movie, ‘Suicide Squad’ which are Harley Quinn and The Joker.”

The Dance Division Leader of PARTs, who is also the team leader of Blackphelz and a Bachelor of Hospitality Management student, Nelson Seu Yu Yang, stated that, “It was a great experience to be able to join this competition, and I feel glad that the club is not just a mere club, where we focus on dancing solely, but also on the caring relationship amongst the members that make us like a big family.” Acting as the dancing division leader, he also promised that both dancing teams will perform and take part in more competition in the near future.

Apart from that, the president of PARTs, Angel Lim Pui Yan, a Bachelor of Communication student, expressed her appreciations to the KDU Student Alumni Centre (SAC) for supporting and sponsoring the teams in the competition. This contribution has proven that the management of KDU prioritises their students’ co-curriculum experience and extremely supportive in their activities. She also emphasised that KDU students should grab more opportunities such as this event to enhance their skills other than studying alone, to gain more experiences that could boost self-confidence and be prepared before stepping into the real world.

This achievement reflects the hard work and passion that PARTs has undertaken in dancing and as a result of all the success PARTs, recently PARTs has been invited to numerous external events to showcase their talents both on campus and on the national stage.