KDU Alumni’s Core Movie Premier 2016 – X-Men: Apocalypse

KDU Alumni collecting their movie passes. (Pictures credited to Valen Foong) Group photo of KDU Alumni and friends at the end of the movie. (Pictures credited to Valen Foong)
A lot of KDU Alumni kept 19 June 2016 as a special date on their calendars. Why? It was the date of the annual KDU Alumni’s CORE Movie Premier, an event organised by the alumni chapter within KDU’s  Student and Alumni Centre (SAC) to bring their alumni together. The movie premier, held at GSC Tropicana City Mall, attracted more than 200 KDU alumni and movie buffs.

The movie featured this year was X-Men: Apocalypse. Each alumnus could register for a pair of tickets. The first 88 pairs of tickets were snapped up in a shot, prompting the Student & Alumni Centre to upgrade the movie hall they first booked to the cinema’s biggest one. And, the second lot of tickets also disappeared in record time.
A crowd began to gather outside GSC Tropicana City Mall at 7pm, although the movie was scheduled to start only at 9pm. As an added bonus this year, alumni members also got a special KDU Alumni’s CORE Priviledge Card, all for the price of writing down a few details!
The mood was upbeat as the crowd mingled around after registering, greeting old friends and making new ones. The movie hall opened at 8.50pm, and the crowd surged in. The hall was filled up in no time at all.
As the movie started promptly, the crowd’s attention was glued to the screen for two and a half hours. Most of the audience also stayed back for a group photo at the end of the movie (and also to ensure that they catch Marvel’s famous end teaser after the credits).