Kdu And Rhb Introduce Cashless Campus Concept

Students signing up for the Easy Smart Student Debit Card at KDU University College Utropolis Glenmarie campus

KDU and RHB personnel at the MoU signing session, together with some Easy Smart Student Debit Card holders

L-R: Mr Shanker Sathivellu (KDU UC Deputy Vice Chancellor – Administration), Professor Khong Yoon Loong (KDU UC Vice Chancellor), Ms Ee Yee Jo (Head of Corporate Partner, RHB), students Khoo E-May, Sammenther Goh, Madeleine Wong, Ho Mun Yen, Teoh Jit Kean and Chua Ai Lyn, Mr Lee Ee Hui (Head of Easy & Head of Mass & Consumer Finance, RHB), Mr Winston Tan (Head of Easy Product Marketing & Partner Development, RHB), Ms Chang Yim Teng (Head of Project Management & Process Improvement, RHB) and Mr Adrian Tan (Project Manager, Easy by RHB).

SHAH ALAM, 26 May 2015 – KDU University College and RHB Banking Group is proud to announce the introduction and rollout of the cashless campus concept at both KDU’s university college campus at Utropolis Glenmarie and college campus at Damansara Jaya. 

The introduction of the cashless campus concept began earlier this year with the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between both parties to introduce and implement the Easy Smart Student Debit Card, a unique smart card for KDU students that is an alternative to cash, cheques and credit cards. The smart debit card for students is also the first and only debit card in Malaysia that allows users to save as they spend. 

As KDU staff are already RHB debit card holders, the cashless campus concept was a natural progression for the education institution, as the move is in line with the government’s Economic Transformation Programme and Bank Negara Malaysia’s (BNM) vision to transform Malaysia into a cashless society.

Signing the MoU on behalf of KDU University College was its Vice Chancellor, Professor Khong Yoon Loong, while Mr Lee Ee Hui, Head of Easy and Head of Mass Consumer Finance at Easy by RHB, signed on behalf of the banking group. 

With the deployment of the system and merchant card terminals underway, the education institution is currently at about 80% cashless, which means staff and students no longer have to worry about not having enough cash on hand.

The cashless concept is not only applicable to merchants and retailers at both campuses, but also to the education institution’s Admissions & Bursary, Library, as well its training restaurants. 

According to Professor Khong, the Easy Smart Student Debit Card definitely comes in handy for students and parents alike, especially when it comes to tuition fees. 

“Parents no longer have to make a trip to KDU or worry about their children carrying too much cash, when it comes to settling the tuition fees for the semester,” Professor Khong explained. 

This venture is part of KDU’s collaboration with RHB under the Academic Initiative Partnership, a smart collaboration that serves as a bridge between academia and industry. The partnership will see both parties committing to an exchange and sharing of knowledge and resources, which includes sponsorships as well as other mutually-beneficial collaborative ventures.
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