KDU Career Exploration Week 2016

Students enthusiastically visiting booths, and enquiring on job and internship placement. Students posing with Ms. Faizah Mawi of Graduan Aspire and crew after a career enhancement talk - ‘The key to a successful interview & preparing for a job market’.
The KDU Career Exploration week was held from 7th to 10th March 2016, and is one of the four key initiatives driven by KDU’s Student & Alumni Centre (SAC) to ensure a holistic student development. The KDU Career Exploration mission is to encourage employers, students and alumni to find the best talents and match them to build a meaningful career. To facilitate these goals, the SAC organised various activities, such as Career Enhancement talks by Astro and KDU Career Exploration partner Graduan Aspire, university talks by Queensland University of Technology and Birmingham City University, as well as the two-day career fair.

The Career Enhancement talk was organised to provide insights to students from employers’ perspectives on work ethics and to enhance graduates’ interpersonal communication skills. The talks was delivered by Ms. Soraya Sunithra from Astro and Ms. Faizah Mawi from Graduan Aspire. As for the university talks, Ms. Yee Pey Low from Birmingham City University and Mr. Ben Bawden from Queensland University of Technology, took students through the process of transferring from KDU to our partner universities which are mainly from Canada, Australia and United Kingdom.

On 9th and 10th March 2016, over 30 industry partners and 32 university partners participated in the career fair. Some of the leading industry players from various fields participated in career, namely Maybank. Digi, Allianz, MyStarJob, Great Eastern, and Panasonic, Graduan, 123RF and RHB. Students visited each booth and enthusiastically enquired about job and internship opportunities, dropped off their resumes and even attended on-the-spot interviews by various organisations. The fair exposed students on the wide array of job openings that are available to them.

To ensure that the Career Exploration Week serves as a good platform for these students to create good rapport with employers to build a meaningful career, the team also organised an high tea session with industry players to bring about better engagement between academia and the corporate world. The high tea provided a good opportunity for KDU to build good rapport with fellow industry partners to develop potential partnerships that mutually benefit the partners and the KDU community. The high tea saw about 40 industry partners in attendance, including Maybank, Ipsos, Astro, Lazada, Deloitte, DHL, OCK Setia Engineering, Dorsett Hospitality International, Le Meridien and PayPal, to name a few.

Through this programme, the Career Exploration team from KDU’s Student & Alumni Centre will work closely with industry partners to open up the space for potential partnerships. For example, KDU’s recent partnership with Adidas, has given KDU students the opportunity to their build career with the leading apparel business.

KDU aims to nurture its students’ social skills and enhance their personal development skills in order to build successful career. With these initiatives and programmes put forward by the Student & Alumni Centre, KDU students will definitely have a lot to look forward to.