KDU College Awards, Talent, And Prom (ATP) Night 2016

PAC Faculty and ATP Committee Members officiating the event. Performance by Dance for Love.
Presentation of Awards to PAC Club Board of Director. Winners of KDU’s Got Talent.
It was a nod to the era of the roaring 1920s and all that jazz, at the recent Awards, Talent and Prom (ATP) Night 2016 organised by the KDU Professional Accountancy Centre (PAC) Club at KDU College, Damansara Jaya.

The event was a joined effort with the KDU Student & Alumni Centre (SAC) and took on the theme of The Great Gatsby, adapted from F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel of the same name and made popular in the movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio.

The event kick-started with the officiating ceremony by PAC faculty, Mr Daniel Lee, Mr Chan Tze Kang (PAC Head of Academics), Ms Tee Mei Fong (PAC Programme Leader), Mr Ben Wang Yaw Siong (PAC Senior Executive of Student Recruitment and Support), as well as ATP committee members, Mr James Lee Gim Thong (Advisor of ATP 2016) and Ms Joyce Loy Hui Eng (Director of ATP 2016).

The event was a platform for PAC students to kick back, relax and enjoy themselves amongst the company of friends, great food and amazing performances. The night also saw highflyers being rewarded for their remarkable achievements in the awards presentation.

Mr. Chan, who delivered the welcome speech, emphasised on the importance of developing social and networking skills amongst students, besides intellectual skills and knowledge that students absorb in classes.

Later, the night was uplifted with an energetic performance by Dance for Love – Secret to Success dance crew, which managed to cast positive ambience and affection into the hearts of the attendees.

The momentum of the glamorous night peaked with the award presentations to the CAT and ACCA (programmes offered under the PAC) top scorers for December 2015 and June 2016 sittings by Mr Chan, followed by awards from PAC to the CAT and ACCA graduates for the sittings of June 2015 to June 2016 by Mr Daniel for their achievements. 

In recognising the undivided commitment and contributions to the club throughout the year, PAC’s Ms Tee Mei Fong also awarded the board of director of the PAC Club 2015 with Certificates of Appreciation.

Prom King and Prom Queen of the night went to Mr Edward Cheah and Ms Vivien Yeo respectively, a decision made based on the majority of the votes. The excitement of the crowd intensified as the finals of the KDU’s Got Talent were also held during the night, as they witnessed the outstanding performances by the finalists. Team Kartophelz (Dancing) secured the Champion title, succeeding Ms Fiona Wong Poh Yoong (singing) as the first runner up, Mr Sam Siah (dancing) as the second runner up, and the fourth place by Mr Zachary Ooi (dancing).

Apart from that, the hype was also shared to all participants with a lucky draw session whereby a total of 11 prizes sponsored by BDO Malaysia and KDU College were given out. The best part was, the organising committee had also performed The Great Gatsby Drama, a spectacular performance for the audience, exemplifying the theme of the event.

The night ended gracefully as attendees took the floor and dances with each other, accompanied by melodic songs played by Lucid Loft as the DJ of the night.
KDU student Nadiatul Farahin said, “This was my first time attending a prom night. It was nice and fun! The emcees rocked the event!”

KDU lecturer Mr Tan Vooi Giap, lauded the student club’s effort in organising the entire event, saying “I am very impressed by all the effort that were put in! There were so many activities and performances, and this provided a welcome break from students’ challenging study life.”

ATP 2016 was sponsored by ACCA Malaysia, BDO Malaysia, ZALORA Malaysia, Dance for Love and Lucid Loft.