KDU Communication Students Won Cash Prize For Winning The Hearts Of Real Industry Players Through Video Pitching

Mr Matthew Ong (left), founder of Churrz Café, reward the winning team of ‘Rebranding Churzz Challenge’, which represented by Chermaine Tan and Tracy Celine A/P David during the ceremony, for the creative video clip they have developed. Mr Matthew Ong (2nd left), the founder of Churrz Café, congratulating the winning team of ‘Rebranding Churzz Challenge’, SCCA Acting Head Mr Loo Chong Hang (left) and Academic Department Head, Department of Communication and Media Studies, Ms Wong Lee Sa(right).
KDU students once again meeting the real world’s expectations even before they step out of the campus upon graduation! 

On 3 August 2017, 25 Integrated Marketing Communication students, who study Bachelor of Communication (Hons) programme in the School of Communication and Creative Arts (SCCA), KDU University College, gained handsome rewards from Mr Matthew Ong, the founder of Churrz Café, for having managed to produce a short video clip in an effort to rebrand Churrz. 

Divided into 5 teams, with each team comprised of four to five members, the communication students took part in the inaugural ‘Rebranding Churrz’ Challenge’, which meant to help Churrz Café in its process of rebranding, by developing a short video clip of not more than one minute which highlights its slogan of “Life’s Simple Joy”.

“What gratified me was, the students manifested good time management and have been resourceful throughout the process of generating creative ideas, right up to confirmation of these ideas and finalised with a concept,” said Ms Stephanie Lee Yoke Lai, Senior Lecturer from the Department of Communication and Media Studies, SCCA.

According to Lee, who led the class in this project, her students actually executed the video-making process within a short time frame, “In the process of video - making, the students were busy with video shooting and post production by arranging desired footage in correct order, adding music, titles, transitions and other effects, and finally encoding it into the correct format. After getting approval from the lecturer, then only they got the feedback from Mr Ong. All these happened within a month!” Enthused Lee.

In the process of pitching, team 5 with only four members – Tracy Celine A/P David, Imelda Priveta A/P Ranjid Singh, Chermaine Tan Chien Yiing and Amir Farhan bin Mohd Shaiful Bahrun, were able to portray the theme to the fullest. Ultimately, their short clip had been selected by Mr Ong and brought them RM500 cash prize in return.

Nonetheless, the rest of the class who produced videos were also been rewarded with free meal and drinks at Churrz. The rewards offered by Mr Ong was not only as a token of appreciating students’ talents but what even more important was their excellent attitude – determination in meeting the deadline, commitments in completing the project and hard work in achieving the best.

“These rewards had greatly motivated the students to look forward in the future endeavour, as the participants actually got high marks of up to 96 for their final paper. As a lecturer, it is rare to see such high scores!” said Lee.

Generally, in the process of developing their capability in meeting real world’s needs, KDU saw its students realise that the industry will be even more demanding as it progresses, thus, students constantly push to their limits with the guidance of their lecturer even before graduation. This will not only ready them for the real world needs but also increases the value of KDU graduates in the challenging industry to meet the employer's expectations and demands.