KDU DJ Campus Bollywood Glam Charity For Tabung Harapan

KDU vice chancellor Prof Dr Hiew Pang Leang giving his opening remarks before officiating the Bollywood Glam charity event at KDU Damansara Jaya campus. Two of the Bollywood Glam performers doing some cat walk show as the opening act for the charity event.
Hi there, you look fabulously beautiful and charming today. Two students taking their snap at the photo booth during the Bollywood Glam charity event. A great ending. It’s a great success and good show.
The celebration of Malaysia Day continues at KDU Damansara Jaya campus as the diversity and multi-cultural society in the country is greatly displayed through the Bollywood Glam charity event.
Organised by KDU’s School of Pre-U (SPUS) and School of Business and Social Science (SBSS), students from both the schools gave those in attendance an afternoon full of glamorous, fun-filled and entertaining Bollywood sensation.
The students kick started the event in true Bollywood style as they treated the guests with cat walk performance with them all dressed up in glittering Indian traditional clothing such as saree, lengha, kurta, jippa and Punjabi suits.
Apart from the dazzling modelling performance, the guests were also treated to numerous singing and dancing performances from the students and these performances ranges from the Bollywood songs and dances to some of the latest K-pop culture dance.
While the guests were enjoying themselves with the various performances of the day, there were also tasty treats of scrumptious Indian food for them to savour on.
Former Miss Tourism World Asia 2005 Pushpa Narayan Robless and KDU’s Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Hiew Pang Leang were among guest of honour for the event.
In his opening remarks, Prof Hiew pointed out that the event could not be held at any other better time than shortly after the nationwide celebration of Merdeka Day and Malaysia Day celebration.
“Through this Bollywood Glam event, we can truly see how students from different ethnic group and background have come together and made this event a success.
“At the same time, this event provides a great exposure for all the KDU students as they get to be exposed to different ethnic group culture while the international students get to know what it means by being a Malaysian,” he said.
He added that this event also in line with KDU’s culturation initiative where not only students get to learn and have better understanding about other ethnic group’s culture and festivities, the core value of togetherness and working with friends and peers are instilled in them as well.
Event organising chairperson Dr Jenny Wong Sook Shuan who is the Head of School for SPUS and SBSS pointed out that while the charity event provides a platform for the student to develop and display their leadership capabilities by managing events and nurturing social responsibilities, the event also aims to raise funds for Tabung Harapan Malaysia.
“This event provides just the perfect avenue for those who wish to contribute to nation building.
“This fund raising is also in line with KDU’s vision of changing lives and enriching the communities for better world,” she said while pointing out that 50% of the funds collected from the event will be channelled to the Tabung Harapan Malaysia fund.