KDU Embellishes Interchange Of Cultural Diversity Over Coffee Table Session

KDU students both local and international immersing themselves in a harmonious chatting session while enjoying their coffees.  A selection of coffee, from Americano to Latte was also served to each participant during the event.
Upping their social media game, participants were spotted snapping selfies. Group photo for International Coffee Hour, February 2018 Intake.
Embracing cultural diversity and fostering a better understanding of the cultural differences have always been the epitome key in creating a harmonious environment for the entire community to live together. Advocating the philosophy, KDU University College has recently hosted an event carried out by its KDU International Student Ambassador (KISA) called International Coffee Hour on 7 February 2018. This inaugural event is set to encourage and enable mutual cultural exchange between local and international KDU students as well as to improve the language and communication skills of the participants. The wonderful event took place in the warm and serene spot at Café 87 located on the Lower Ground of KDU’s flagship campus at Utropolis, Glenmarie.

This premier event made its debut convincingly as it received positive reception from the students who were involved throughout the process. A total of 18 students turned up; which were later paired into 9 pairs to commence the special occasion. With an array of diversity from across the globe, it was indeed a feast to the eyes to spot the sight of students from Bangladesh, Brunei, Egypt, Gambia, Iran, Malaysia, Maldives, Philippines and Syria all coming together.

After a rapid briefing on the house-rules and objective of the International Counsellor by Miss Grace Chan, a counsellor from Student and Alumni Centre (SAC); participants were given a list of great cultural conversation starters to kick-start the chitchatting session. Certainly, what would an International Coffee Hour without coffee? Courtesy to SAC, participants were also served with a cup of coffee of their choice.

While local students can offer their fair share of perspective and tips on the Malaysian way of life, they were also able to receive cultural exposure from international students without having to go and study abroad. On the other hand, during the International Coffee Hour, international students will be able to identify local students who can be their go-to-person for first-hand knowledge about Malaysia and KDU university life. Either way, it is a win-win situation for both parties to be able to learn from one another and get a first-hand experience from this supervised interactions.

Implementing the spirit of inclusion, students swiftly seeped into the mood of diversity as conversations and laughers took place throughout the gathering. Some were even spotted snapping selfies and exchanging social media contacts.

As the event drew to an end, Miss Ameirunaisyah Ismail, a counsellor from SAC wrapped up the gathering by leading the group to a brief reflection session as well as encouraging students to keep in touch outside of the event. Feedbacks were also collected before a group photo was snapped. All in all, the event checked its bucket list to celebrate and promote a safe and healthy community for KDU students of all races, religions and national origins by modelling behaviour that we live and work together in one community.