KDU Empowering Youth by launching its own version of “Sejahtera Malaysia”

From behind (left) Fiona Yoong, Qama, Wan Arif Iskandar, Danial Doodye, and Ashwini Raj. Front (left) Jazel Lim, Eve and Cynta. The ‘future Malaysia’ featuring talented students and kids. Over 300 students and staff gathers to witness the pre-launch of “Sejahtera Malaysia” cover music video. 
Behind the scene – KDU students contributing the talents and voice for “Sejahtera Malaysia”.  
Malaysia Day, is a significant celebration for the country as it marks the formation of Malaysia with the joining together of the then Malaya, North Borneo (now known as Sabah), Sarawak, and Singapore in 1963.
In commemorating this momentous day and to plant the seed of patriotism as well as love for the country, KDU as a tertiary education institution joins hand with their students and staffs collaborated with Xeno Music and produced their own version of the nostalgic patriotic song ‘Sejahtera Malaysia’ sang by KDU students themselves.
The song and music video of ‘Sejahtera Malaysia’ also portrayed the involvement of talented KDU students such as Jazel Lim, Danial Doodye, Wan Arif Iskandar, Fiona Yoong, Ashwini Raj, and Nur Qamarina Arissa (Qama) who has contributed in singing and rapping for the music video.
According to Mitchell Liong, KDU’s Student & Alumni Centre senior manager, the music video and cover of ‘Sejahtera Malaysia’, which was launched on September 16 itself aims to capture the beauty of Malaysia – a multi-cultural society that is full of unity and diversity. All proceed from the digital streaming and purchase of this song will go to an education cause, which will be announced later at https://www.paranormalrocks.asia/.
He added that the production of the music video is part of the effort by KDU through their Student and Alumni Centre in promoting Diversity and Inclusion as part of their key initiative under KDU Culturation Program year 2018.
“We need to bring back the good old days of when the whole nation sat together over sports tournament and open houses during festive seasons as a nation without so much thought on the differences of race, religion, creed, colour or upbringing, with only one purpose in mind - to celebrate the diversity and promote inclusion.
“Thus, we launched the cover music video to support this vision and dreams,” he said.
The music video launch took place at KDU Utropolis Glenmarie campus, witnessed by more than 300 students and staffs.
Check out the KDU’s own version of ‘Sejahtera Malaysia’ at https://xeno.link/sejahteramalaysia.