KDU Engineering Day 2018

Subky evaluating the project showcased by KDU students that is built to be greener and more efficient. KDU students supervising the secondary school students to produce water rocket model powered by water and air pressure.
KDU students and secondary school students launching their actual water rocket prototype into the air. Participants of the event visiting booths set up by industry players to showcase their latest technology.
Just how much more can the Mother Nature take from the rapid development and urbanisation process that humans have done by sacrificing the beauty of our natural environment in the name of modernisation? Looking at things from a different perspective, it is impossible for living things to survive without a functional ecosystem which is being scrapped off as humans take another step towards the so-called progression. In light of realising this antagonising consequences of inconsiderate development; KDU University College has initiated the inaugural Engineering Day 2018 on the 4 April at its flagship campus located at Utropolis, Glenmarie.

The primary objective of this introductory event is to uphold the desire to build a strong base for practical problem-solving in the field of engineering and technology that goes hand in hand with preserving the environment for better sustainability. The event is organised under the theme of sustainable smart living where a group of real industry experts was invited to share their knowledge and experience working as professionals.

On top of the sharing session with industry experts, there were exhibition projects conducted by KDU students and companies that showcased their latest findings which could improve the quality of life without harming the nature; competition among KDU students on designing a propulsion system that is capable of propelling itself to the furthest distance; as well as a competition for secondary school students to construct their own propulsion system guided by KDU students throughout the process.

 One of the prominent names that shared their roles in maintaining the quality of Malaysians’ water supplies is Suruhan Perkhidmatan Air Negara (SPAN) which was represented by Loh Pit Mui, the senior executive of corporate management division of SPAN and Mohd Subky Said, the executive of water regulatory department of SPAN. There was also a sharing session delivered by Subky where he emphasised on the importance of water conservation and an in-depth explanation on how does the water management system could help to disseminate water sufficiently to the consumers without any shortage. It was indeed a truly informative session for all the participants as they managed to get the gist of what it means to work for SPAN, an organisation that oversees all the water suppliers in Malaysia.

The event was also held to promote an innovative design of the future sustainable smart living system to all the participants regardless of education level. Attending the event were the secondary schools invited by KDU University College to participate in this educational event where they were exposed with the real-life solutions implemented by industry players in carefully planning the next step for a well-balanced developmental plan and advancement in technologies.

It is an essential aspect of life that we need to understand that while making a progress is a necessity for humanity to advance forward; it is everyone’s responsibility to ensure that there are check and balance when it comes sacrificing the Earth’s ecosystem in the process. With more developers and government bodies taking the leap of faith in safeguarding and developing greener living options, it is safe to say that society can look forward to a better alternative that could offer a sustainable living in the future.